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Update Jan 2020

Added character Info on the game page also adding here:


Josie - Main character

Brandon C. - Brash personality, know-it-all, and is quite arrogant.

Sophia D - Meek personality, timid, and quick to frighten.

Charles S - Take charge, down to earth, stable kind of guy.

David T

Amy S - Stand-offish attitude, comes off as bossy and bitchy at times.

Joey Y -

Reena U - Brainy, Know-it-all like Brandon, but not arrogant. Inquisitive, and questions everything. Knows her life is on the line but still wants to investigate the situation to figure out what caused it all, and who is behind it.

Rick U - It’s a wonder how he even got to be a scientist. Seems aloof and distracted. Dude bro kind of guy. Is only interested in escaping.