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Not yet Fear-filled!

  • Liberty
  • 02/17/2019 02:33 PM
Fear is a game created for the IGMC 2018. Being that this review is for the contest version of the game I won't be adding an official score but I will be putting a personal score at the bottom.

Fear is not yet a game - it is instead a build to showcase the setting of a future game. As such there's a lot missing from it, though there are some systems still in place and the mansion itself is mapped out.

The base of the current build consists of a bunch of maps that are set up of the mansion that the player finds themselves in. You wake up in a bed and set off to look around, checking out the bloody mess of bodies scattered around the place. There's no story implemented just yet, and I ended up frozen out due to a bug, but overall the general idea is pretty good.

The presentation is nice - the mapping is well done and the atmosphere is added to, not only by the graphics themselves (with pretty nice lighting) but also through sound and music, which fit well.

What gameplay is there consists of a heart monitor being shown and hiding in various places. This gives the clue that there will likely be a fear or sound based system in the finished version, as well as monster chases of some kind from which to hide.

Honestly, it's a good base to build on and though we didn't get to see any hints about what the monster could be (if there even is one!) it does leave you wondering, which isn't a bad thing.

Overall the game has the promise to be a great horror game if given some bug killing and work on an engaging story. I'd rate the current build a 2.5-3, average, but with the ability to be great in the future.