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Choose Your Heroes!

In an attempt to destroy Zadigan and his Six Purveyors of Doom, the Realm of Heroes has sent forth four champions to claim victory over the darkness. These four are any combination of the following Classes:

Skilled warriors capable of wielding most of the game's available weaponry. They've a fine repertoire of physical-based abilities, with effects ranging from causing severe bleeding to instant death. Combateers also specialize in lowering an opponent's DEF, and eventually learn an incredibly powerful ability that pierces an enemy's defenses altogether.

These powerful sorceresses toss elemental spells around like nobody's business. Aside form their incredible innate INT stat, their MP Pool towers above all other classes. While limited to single-target abilities, these ladies pack a punch that can be matched by no other. They also have access to a small assortment of basic status ailments, and love lowering the INT of their foes.

The Paladins of Tsufana. They're skilled combatants and healers, and pride themselves on their ability to effectively deal extra damage to Demons and the Undead with their Holy-element abilities. They're the only class that has access to the mighty Revive spell, and can potentially learn to raise their allies natural elemental resistances.

Masters of debilitating those who scoff at their fascinating dance maneuvers. Status ailments are the Dancer's forte, and they've got them in spades! And best of all? They target the entire enemy party. Confusion, Berserk, Petrification, and Sleep are just a taste of the devastation these skilled combatants can bring to the battlefield.

Exceptionally skilled mages who view simply targeting a single individual to be a waste of time and beyond them, thus all their abilities focus on destroying or recuperating entire groups of friends or foes. Despite this potential for mass destruction, they're incredibly fragile. Wisemen boast the greatest INT of all classes, and don't think twice about sharing their MP with their allies.

Skilled outdoorsmen that specialize in targeting a specific enemy type and dealing critical amounts of damage to said type. Huntsmen can also generate potentially unlimited amounts of Herbs and various other basic items like Eye Drops and Antidotes.

Strange but capable creatures that learn mid-tier magics of both the single and multi-targeting variety. Slime Knights can absorb an opponent's HP, and also inflict an incredibly deadly Potent Poison with their venomous feelers. They're also capable of (eventually) lowering an enemy's elemental resistances.

Boast an ATK higher than the Combateer, but lack their finesse with the sword or their skill with a variety of other weaponry. Barbarians take delight in destroying an opponent's appendages (be it their arms, legs, or even torso), as well as dishing out extra damage when faced with Mages or other magical enemies. These fierce, blood-thirsty warriors can also cripple an opponent and lower their ATK.

Man's best friend! But this is no ordinary canine. This pooch can stun their enemies with some ferocious barking, or increase their friends' ATK with an empowering howl. Overall they're a mixed bag with an incredible variety of abilities capable of healing, debilitating, and even summoning friends to crush their enemies!

Musicians hand-picked by the Creator to wander Tsufana and bring both overwhelming joy and utter terror to those fortunate (...or unfortunate) enough to stumble upon them on their travels. They specialize in enhancing their allies attributes through song and dance, but also carry a fine selection of enchanted instruments with them which can utterly devastate an unsuspecting enemy party.

Mages steeped in Tsufana's life force. Druid's devote their entire lives to nature, and through the world's natural energies can summon incredible hurricanes or catastrophic firestorms to obliterate their opponents. They've access to all three primary elements (Fire, Ice, and Lightning), each affecting their foes in a different way: Fire focuses on a single target and packs the most punch; Ice targets all enemies and may freeze them in place; Lightning, like fire, also focuses on an individual, but with the added benefit of piercing their defense. Unlike more specialized or "pure" mages like the Spellslinger or Wiseman, they've the lowest potential of dishing out incredible or extremely noteworthy damage. Damage isn't all they can dish out! Druids are also equipped with a slew of particularly nasty ailments that can potentially cripple their opposition.

Dual-wielding masters of combat. Champions abhor cumbersome equipment like Heavy Armour or Shields, and focus their energy and skill on prioritizing their ATK and AGL above all else. Every 1-Handed weapon is available to them to make use as they see fit, but they'll steadily turn down every 2-Handed weapon thrown their way. Champions may have a smaller selection of abilities than most classes, but what they DO have can turn the tides of battle in their favour in the blink of an eye.


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I think this would be better if you added the sprites of the classes. Just so folks can see what they look like.
That... is a good idea! It's been on the "the do" list for a while, actually. We'll get around to it eventually!:P
This page has been updated to include the three additional classes:
Minstrel, Druid, and the Champion.

Each classes sprite has also been (finally) added!
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Page updated to look more awesome.
It is now... ascended.
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