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Summer Retro Bundle DELUXE!

VENAITURA, along with four other retro-styled RPGs, are now available in a bundle on ITCH for only $10.00 USD!

Save roughly 70% in total when you purchase all five games at this amazing price! Available until the end of August, 2023.

Click here to visit the Bundle Page!


To Aerthen, my latest 8-Bit RPG Adventure, now has a Steam Page!

That's right, everyone! At long last, To Aerthen finally has a Steam Page!

I'd truly appreciate it if any of you could hop on over there and check out the newly created Steam Page, then pop it on your Wishlist while you're over there.

Access the Steam Page


75% OFF on Steam for a SPOOKTACULARLY good Sale!

Just in time for Halloween!

Now you can sit back with your favorite snacks and get in some quality, retro-RPG time for only $2.49 USD!



SUPER Weekend Sale! 80% OFF ($1.99) over on ITCH!

For THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can nab Venaitura for $1.99 over on ITCH!

Grab it while it's hot, folks, because a sale this good might not come along for QUITE a while!

CLICK HERE to view the Game Page!


NEW UPDATE! March 28, 2022

VENAITURA has received another update. This one has been named the "Freedom Update," and includes the following:

-Added a chest in the cave wherein the players first arrive onto Tsufana after leaving the Realm of Heroes that contains the “Monster ZERO” item. Use this on every map where you wish to avoid the random encounters there; moving to a different map cancels its effect.

-Clarified the “Wandering Wizard's” purpose through his dialogue in Kammlot.

-Updated portions of the world map.

-Fixed various spelling mistakes.

-The damage multiplier for Greatswords was adjusted from 165% to 180%.

-The damage multiplier for a weapon/ability's effectiveness against particular enemy types was increased from 250% to 300%.

-Added a blue tile to the basement of “Castle Swordcenter” on Ragna Rock to help players identify the shortcut available to reach the first floor.

-The Wandering Wizard will now appear within the Dungeon of Doom's entrance prior to being able to access the dungeon (after defeating Montam) instructing you to return in the future.

-Players are now able to enter Montam's Training Center WITHOUT defeating “MOM.” It is not recommended for a player's initial playthrough, as it may leave them (more) confused regarding the scene following the boss fight there. A powerful monster will also have to be bested to access the Training Center in this manner, too.

-Players are now able to access the Lispen continent before acquiring the Dragon.


15% OFF on ITCH for the Lunar New Year Sale!

And it lasts 7 days!

If you were ever thinking about picking it up, now would be the PERFECT time to nab Venaitura and save enough money to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee (or beverage of your choice) while you're saving the world!

As stated in the previous blog, I've also started working on a concise walkthrough for VENAITURA for players who want a little extra guidance. There's no fluff or strategies or detailed breakdown of where and what ever treasure is; this is simply something to reference as you tackle the main scenario. Feel a little lost or forget where you left off? This would be the perfect reference material!


Having trouble? I'm working on a WALKTHROUGH!

That's right! To help you wonderful people out as much as I'm able, I'm working on writing a (VERY BASIC) walkthrough that'll lead people through the game's main scenario. Players will be free to wander and explore and chat to the NPCs to their hearts content, but this walkthrough will only be used to guide each of them to the major points that'll allow them to progress through the game.

Check out the navigation bar on the Game Page to find the (currently WIP) walkthrough!


50% OFF on ITCH Until Dec. 1st for Black Friday!

That's right! You can now nab Venaitura for $5.49 USD during its Black Friday Sale over on Itch!

If you ever had your eye on this retro-styled, turnbased adventure, NOW is a better time than EVER to make that purchase!

As always, I thank everyone who's shown their support so far and purchased Venaitura! It's truly appreciated. :)


Friday, Nov.26th, is CREATOR DAY on Itch.

I'd appreciate it SO VERY MUCH if anyone who's been eyeing Venaitura or thinking about purchasing it would do so tomorrow during this event. Creators receive 100% of the revenue, which would be an INCREDIBLE help when it comes to amassing the resources necessary to create the sequel that's currently in production.

Here's the link to VENAITURA on ITCH:



VENAITURA is now on Itch.io! (And on sale until Dec.1)

Not a fan of Steam or just can't be bothered to sign up?


Venaitura is now available on Itch to purchase for the same low price of 10.99 USD!

To celebrate it coming to itch, the game's on sale for 25% OFF until Dec. 1st!

If you were ever considering giving it a spin, there's no better time than the present!

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