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Progress Report

Halfway There!

... Well, just about, anyway.

With the completion of the latest area, the sword-shaped continent of Ragna Rock, I've essentially reached the game's halfway point. There are a total of 7 major locations in the game:

Ragna Rock
Insidious Isle
Kingdom of Lispen


Although Venaitura is one massive dungeon, so I don't really count that towards being a main "area" that the player will be able to explore complete with optional caves, dungeons, towns and villages, etc.

My routine thus far is this:
  • Plan on what will happen in each major location and the key goals and objectives.

  • Create basic outline for area/continent on World Map.

  • Fill in said continent with detail such as mountains, tress, etc. As well as any optional areas I plan on implementing as I go along.

  • Create all major towns and dungeons for the area. Place a Treasure Chest graphic where I want to place future items/equipment.

  • Add important, story-related NPCs.

  • Add non-important NPCs and discoverable items and equipment.

  • Design the monsters for the area. First the World Map encounters, then for each dungeon the player should tackle (in the order I mean for them to complete them, as to maintain a balance in enemy difficulty).

  • Create and fight boss.

  • Create additional dialogue for NPCs reflecting on events that have transpired or the current state of the world.

  • Move on to the next area.

I find this approach keeps me tackling something new in decent intervals so I don't get bored creating a TON of maps, or writing endless NPC dialogue all in one go. It breaks up the monotony, and that's always a big plus!

So I'm getting there. I couldn't have gotten as far as I have without the incredible talents of TruthHarbinger or Mirak! So a BIG shout-out to these amazing people who have directed their talents towards this project. YOU GUYS ROCK! :D

Progress Report

Join Us! (Discord and Progress)

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to inform you that progress is steadily being made on this game. Each day I chip away at this behemoth, and make an attempt to complete at least a single map (no matter how small) every day.

Lately, due to this project's approach of roughly dividing each of the central locations into "Levels" of sorts (they're all separate continents), I create all of an area/continent's maps before moving on to adding in NPCs and the various events, treasures, and enemies. Because of how I've decided to tackle this process, updates are few and are between. So if you're looking to get a little more personal with my/our creative process, or just want to chat up a storm with some like-minded individuals, I implore you to hop on over to our Discord server!

I frequently post updates regarding Venaitura's progress, and the rest of the game's developers are all over on this side of the fence, too! There's always a discussion of some kind brewing, and lately we're all on a retro-RPG creating high!

Oh... And if we do bite, it's in the best way possible ;)


DEMO UPDATE: Land-Ho Added!

So you've been itching to get your retro RPG fix, 'eh? Well, our 41 subscribers heard your plea, and because of them we're offering up ANOTHER area to the demo available here at RMN.

Land-Ho is the game's second major location (accessed through the warp pad under Merlin's Cottage), and is the final major update (in regards to playable content) the demo will receive. I hope all of you give the new content a go, and enjoy your journey across the soon-to-be-submerged and pirate-laden Land-Ho!


(Potentially) More Content Incoming! Aiming for 40 SUBSCRIBERS!

That's right, folks! You did not misread that title: I'm considering adding the game's second major area, Land-Ho, to the free demo available to all of you here on RMN.

Why? Because there are 7 "major" locations in total, and allowing you to traverse two of those seems like a proper introduction to the world of Tsufana. I honestly do not believe allowing you access to Land-Ho is going to spoil the complete game in any way. If anything, it'll allow you to become more immersed in the game world and excited for what's to come.

There is only one condition: this project must reach 40 subscribers by the end of this month (JUNE). If it does, then I'll 100% add Land-Ho to the demo, along with all the additional content and fixes that come along with it.

Think that's possible? Let's find out! :D

Progress Report

Updated Demo (QOL Improvements)

After receiving our first review atop a handful of comments and various observations, I thought it best to go in and make several much-needed adjustments to the demo.

These are:

  • Dancer starts with a unique weapon for that Class.

  • Isabelle's Cottage has been added to the World Map.

  • Player Speed will decrease on the World Map, but increase in Dungeons and Towns.

  • Main Boss's DEF has been decreased slightly.

  • The "BUMP" sound effect (when you hit something) has been removed completely.

  • Several NPCs have had their named changed.

  • Addressed several instances wherein you obtained a different item than what the message displayed in the starting area.

  • Increased the effectiveness of some Weapon Types.

  • Several new pieces of equipment have been added.

Thanks for all the amazing and wonderful support so far, folks! The reception's been nothing short of fantastic. Happy adventuring!


It's time! The DEMO has been RELEASED!

The fateful day is finally upon us. After hours of testing and balancing, we're finally ready to present a demo to all of you amazing people! While some rips may still exist behind the scenes and within the game's folders, you'll see and hear nothing but original assets in this demo!

Have a blast, peeps! I hope you all enjoy your (brief) trek across Tsufana's perilous lands!


Test-Players Needed!

With the demo nearing completion, I'm now seeking volunteers who wouldn't mind doing a little play-testing! I only need about 3. But please be sure that you're willing to complete the 1 hour (or so) adventure before signing up! I don't want to have to wait for people who may only want or be able to play 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Progress Report

Progress, progress, progress!

We're getting there!

That's it. That's all I have to say.

Actually, no, that's not all I have to say! This is just a little progress report to keep all of you who aren't a part of my Discord server up to date with what's been going on with Venaitura's development.

We've got Mirak on top of the soundtrack, and truthHarbinger dishing out the graphics. But are we quite ready for a demo? Almost! I've actually just finished creating the final scene that takes place before you depart the first area (marking the end of the demo). Right now I'm waiting on a handful of resources so we can deliver to all of you an authentic experience featuring 100% custom resources! While I bide by time, I've been play-testing the heck out of everything and doing a ton of micro-balancing and readjusting stats. I'm sure most of you know what all that's like; we've all been there.

I'm extremely satisfied with how everything's turned out so far, and can only hope that things go this smoothly right until the end. Venaitura's turning out to have an atmosphere that kicks my other retro-styled projects into the stratosphere! So I hope you're all as excited to play the demo as I am to eventually release it.

Progress Report

Game Demo (Showing off Original Resources)

Behold, fine RMNers, the retro goodness that is "Venaitura"!
I decided I'd reached a good point to show off some of the resources we've amassed for this project. That's not to say that everything in this video is original, but 90% of it is! We're getting there, folks!

Progress Report

We've got help! And is that a DEMO on the horizon...?!

I mean I've needed a lot of help for quite a while, but not the type of help I'm currently receiving! Recently, truthHarbinger and Mirak hopped on board, for my graphical and musical need respectively. Hopefully, with this skilled team of retro enthusiasts at my side, we can pump out an experience the likes of which makes all my past accomplishments question how they were ever received or looked upon as fondly as they were!

Samples of the original resources that are slowly seeping into this game to replace everything "Dragon Warrior/Quest" can already be seen by clicking on the "Images" tab. I've uploaded quite a few already! Although once we've reached a certain point, I'll have to force myself to not post too much revealing material so you people actually get to experience something new =P

As stated in on the main section of this project's game page, the players will traverse seven distinct lands complete with their own self-contained story. Well one of those stories has almost seen completion! And you know what that means? A DEMO'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER! And yes, I'm just as excited for this as you should be! It's still a few days away, and I've got a little fine-tuning and rebalancing to do, but you better believe that IT'S COMING!
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