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It's been a while, but we're getting there!

  • Ephiam
  • 09/25/2020 01:19 AM
Considerable progress has been made on Venaitura's production in the last few months—relatively speaking, we're mere steps away from reaching the second floor, AKA: getting this bad boy out on Steam!

You may have noticed that Venaitura is now listed as a being “Commercial” on the information section of its main Game Page. It's true, it'll be my first (or last? Perhaps only the beginning...?) foray into the world of commercial games. If anything, I want to put it out there to say THAT I DID. Do I expect it to be a phenomenal success and to pull in thousands of dollars? I'D LOVE THAT! But it's a tad unrealistic. If it can make back enough to pay for what I put into its resources during its development I'll be satisfied. Above all I want to see people playing it, having fun, discussing the story and their party combinations, etc. Basically everything I've ALWAYS gotten pleasure from when it came to releasing something to the public.

Currently I'm implementing the NPCs for the last continent the player will visit before heading off to the titular tower to conquer the big bad and finish their quest to bring peace to the world! ... Which translates to roughly 80%. I'm expecting to put substantial effort into constructing the game's final dungeon (Venaitura), as I want to end this epic adventure off with a BANG! So I have to give it my all, and put all of the incredible resources some amazingly talented people have provided me with during this game's production to proper use.

Going back and creating dialogue for old NPCs to reflect changes in the world and story, as well as crafting a sizable chunk of optional/bonus dungeons are things still on my “to do” list. The former is likely to be completed as I run through the game yet again once its main scenario is competed, and the latter will take place after ALL OF THAT! Then EXTENSIVE testing will have to take place to squash every bug we can possibly find and craft Venaitura into the absolute zenith of my work thus far regarding game development. I know that RPG Maker 2000 is a dated engine, but I believe it lends its self particularly well to Venaitura's overall atmosphere as an incredible blend of multiple retro experiences all coalescing into one.

Oh, and one more thing: Take a look at the front page! Featured is an incredible piece of promotional art I'd recently commissioned from a wonderfully talented artist that was recommended to me on Twitter.