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A list of the available Classes and their Base Crit% and learnable Abilities:

Base Crit %: 7%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Concentrate (Recover HP + Remove All Blinds/Poisons from self).
Lv.3: Willpower. (Remove Bleed/ArmBreak/Legbreak/Crushed from self).
Lv.5: Shield Bash. (Stuns enemy).
Lv.7: Shieldbearer. (Boost target's Phys Resistance +DEF).
Lv.10: Breakthrough. (Lower enemy DEF).
Lv.13: Strong Swing. (Strong attack).
Lv.16: Absorption Slash. (Absorb enemy HP).
Lv.19: Deathblow. (Damage enemy + chance to KO).
Lv.21: Bloody Blade. (Damage enemy + causing Bleeding).
Lv.23: Piercing Thrust. (Pierce enemy DEF).
Lv.26: Sword Dance. (Physical attack VS all enemies).
Lv.28: Break Wave. (Lower DEF of all enemies).
Lv.33: Critical Strike. (50% chance to deal HEAVY damage to enemy).

Base Crit %: 3%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Fireball.
Lv.1: Snooze. (Cause all enemies to fall asleep).
Lv.2: Icicle Drop.
Lv.4: Shock.
Lv.6: Silent Seal. (Stop all enemies from casting spells).
Lv.12: Sunsphere.
Lv.13: Lightning.
Lv.15: Shatter. (Lower enemy's INT).
Lv.17: Glacial Crash.
Lv.19: Nosight. (Blinds an enemy).
Lv.22: Otherside. (Kills an enemy).
Lv.24: Hold. (Stops enemy from moving).
Lv.26: Fulmination.
Lv.27: Eruption.
Lv.28: Boreal Obelisk.
Lv.31: Shatter Field. (Lower INT of all enemies).
Lv.35: Life Drain. (May reduce enemy's HP by 75%).
Lv.45: Catastrophe.

Base Crit %: 5%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Recover.
Lv.2: Lifegiver.
Lv.4: Sword Flash.(Light Holy damage + Surrounded on all enemies).
Lv.6: Rock Wall. (Increase target's DEF).
Lv.8: Fairy Light.
Lv.10: Sword of Light. (Holy+Phys damage to enemy).
Lv.11: Light of Purity. (Remove all Poisons, Blinds, Sealed & Petrification from single target).
Lv.13: Impart Knowledge. (Raise target's INT).
Lv.16: Radiant Burst. (Strong Holy damage VS all enemies).
Lv.19: Angel Feather.
Lv.21: Crystal Dome. (Raise party's DEF).
Lv.23: Elemental Prism. (Increase target's elemental resistances).
Lv.26: Cleansing Aura. (Rem. Potent Poison, Bleed, MindBreak, Burn & Frozen from all targets).
Lv.30: Creator's Blessing.
Lv.35: Phoenix Embrace.
Lv.38: Field of Resistance. (Increase party's elemental resistances).

Base Crit %: 3%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Party Time. (Removes Sleep, Down, Stun, and Stop from party).
Lv.2: Gust Samba.
Lv.3: Fancy Footwork. (Greatly increases own AGL).
Lv.4: Bedtime Dance. (Puts all enemies to sleep).
Lv.7: Enraging Dance. (Causes all enemies to go berserk).
Lv.10: Recovery Waltz.
Lv.12: Tornado Tango.
Lv.14: Fast Dance. (Increases party's AGL).
Lv.16: Killer Moves.
Lv.18: Love Me Silly. (Causes all enemies to fall in love with you).
Lv.22: Odd Dance. (Deals 25 damage to MP of all enemies).
Lv.25: Confuddling Dance. (Confuses all enemies).
Lv.29: Standstill. (Stops all enemies from moving).

Base Crit %: 1%.
Ability List: (NOTE: INT stat GREATLY affects Wiseman's magic).
Lv.1: Psychic Force.
Lv.1: Hoard Magic. (Steal MP from all enemies).
Lv.2: Arcane Sirocco.
Lv.3: Arcane Tornado.
Lv.5: Arcane White Tempest.
Lv.7: Warm Embrace.
Lv.8: Arcane Storm.
Lv.10: Mind Blast. (Weak Non-Elem damage to enemies + Mind Break).
Lv.12: Gift of Mana. (Give 30 of own MP to target).
Lv.15: Gravity Field. (Weak Non-Elem damage to enemies + knocks down. Bonus damage to Flying enemies).
Lv.17: Radungan Hounds.
Lv.19: Sage's Boon. (Increase party's INT).
Lv.21: Blast.
Lv.25: Explosion.
Lv.30: Black Plague. (Kills all enemies).
Lv.40: Armageddon.

Base Crit %: 10%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Escape Rope. (Warps party out of dungeons).
Lv.1: Herb.
Lv.1: Blinding Bomb. (Damage and Blind target).
Lv.2: Eye Drops. (Removes Blind from a target).
Lv.3: Wakesalt. (Removes Sleep from a target).
Lv.5: Riot Bomb. (Damage and Confuse target).
Lv.7: Animal Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Animals).
Lv.9: Antidote. (Removes Poison from a target).
Lv.10: Poison Bomb. (Damage and Poison target).
Lv.12: Human Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Humans).
Lv.14: Bandages. (Removes Bleeding from a target).
Lv.15: Enchanted Arrow. (Damage target's MP + inflict Sealed).
Lv.17: Demon Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Demons).
Lv.19: Strong Herb.
Lv.20: Death From Above. (Damage and kill enemies).
Lv.21: Undead Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Zombies).
Lv.22: Magic Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Spirits).
Lv.23: Dragon Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Dragons).
Lv.24: Pin Down. (Damage and Stop target from moving).
Lv.26: Armored Killer. (Mag+Phys Attack. Deals extra DMG to Armoured enemies).
Lv.33: Penetrating Force. (Damage and ignore DEF of enemies).

Slime Knight
Base Crit %: 5%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Absorption. (Absorb target's HP).
Lv.1. Toxic Touch. (Damage + inflict Potent Poison).
Lv.3: Solidify. (Petrifies target).
Lv.6: Sunsphere.
Lv.8: Lightning.
Lv.10: Sirocco.
Lv.12: White Tempest.
Lv.14: Glacial Crash.
Lv.18: Lightning Storm.
Lv.20: Red Curse. (Lower target's Fire Resistance).
Lv.22: Blue Curse. (Lower target's Ice Resistance).
Lv.25: Yellow Curse. (Lower target's Lightning Resistance).
Lv.27: Toxic Spray. (Weak Non-Elem damage to+poisons all enemies).
Lv.31: Explosion.
Lv.36: Overwhelm. (Lower target's Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance).

Base Crit %: 6%.
Ability List:
Lv.2: Pulverize. (Damage enemy. Strong VS Humans. Causes Bleed+Stun).
Lv.4: Mage Masher. (Damage enemy. Strong VS Magical/Spirits. Causes Sealed).
Lv.7: Cripple. (Damage enemy and lower ATK).
Lv.10: Dirty Fighting. (Damage enemies and causes Surround).
Lv.13: Arm Breaker. (Damage enemy and break their arm).
Lv.15: Invigorate. (Increase target's ATK).
Lv.17: Bloody Howl. (Knocks enemies down).
Lv.19: Body Crusher. (Damage enemy and crush their torso).
Lv.23: Leg Snapper. (Damage enemy and break their leg).
Lv.27: Power Punch. (Damage enemy and knock them down).
Lv.30: Rampage. (Damage and lower ATK of all enemies).
Lv.35: Unleash Chaos. (Extreme damage against all enemies).

Base Crit %: 5%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Tackle. (Damage + knock enemy down).
Lv.1: Ferocious Bark. (Stuns enemies).
Lv.3: Dog Breath. (Damage enemy + inflict Sealed).
Lv.5: Lick Wounds. (Recover target's HP + remove Bleeding/Down).
Lv.7: Spicy Treat. (Fire damage + burn enemies).
Lv.9: Too Cute. (Removes Rage, Confuse, Sealed, and Stop from target).
Lv.11: Maul. (Damage enemy + cause Bleeding).
Lv.13: Play Around. (Enrages enemies).
Lv.15: Empowering Howl. (Increase party's ATK).
Lv.17: Wintry Bellow. (Ice damage + inflict Frozen on enemy).
Lv.18: Sweet Innocence. (Lower target's ATK/DEF).
Lv.20: Puppy Parade. (Damage all enemies).
Lv.23: Voltaic Fleastorm. (Lightning damage + inflict Stop/Death on enemies).
Lv.25: Random Noises. (Inflicts Stun, Rage, Distract and Love on enemies).

Base Crit %: 1%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Personality Plus. (Damage enemy + inflict Love).
Lv.1: Bagpipe Gale. (Wind damage to enemy + inflict Stun).
Lv.3: Poem of Power. (Increase target's ATK).
Lv.5: Loud Clang. (Remove Sleep and Distract from party).
Lv.8: Orko's Flute. (Lightning damage to enemy + inflict Stop).
Lv.10: Ditty of Defence. (Increase target's DEF).
Lv.12: Baffling Brass. (Inflict Rage + Mind Break on enemy).
Lv.14: Aria of Agility. (Increase target's AGL).
Lv.16: Peculiar Percussion. (Inflict Confuse + Down on enemies).
Lv.18: Sonnet of the Mind. (Increase target's INT).
Lv.20: Whirlwind Lute. (Wind damage to enemies + inflict Surrounded and Down.)
Lv.22: Calming Hymn.(Remove Confuse and Rage from party).
Lv.24: Inspiring Shanty. (Remove Stun, Stop, and Petrify from party).

Base Crit %: 5%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Smoulder. (Fire damage to enemy + Burning).
Lv.1: Icy Embrace. (Ice damage to enemies + Frozen).
Lv.1: Shocking Touch. (Lightning damage + pierce enemy's DEF).
Lv.2: Blessed Droplet. (Recover target's HP + remove Sealed/Mind Break).
Lv.2: Galeforce.
Lv.4: Conjured Vine.(Damage + Poison enemy).
Lv.6: Wasp Nest. (Damage + Distract enemies).
Lv.8: Fireflies. (Fire damage to enemy + Burning).
Lv.10: Electrifying Palm. (Lightning damage + pierce enemy's DEF).
Lv.12: Hailstorm. (Ice damage to enemies + Frozen).
Lv.15: Night Sphere. (Inflict Surrounded on enemies).
Lv.18: Fairy Choir. (Recover target's HP + remove Down/Petrification).
Lv.20: Acid Spray. (Damage + cover enemies in Acid).
Lv.24: Molten Earth. (Fire damage to enemy + Burning).
Lv.25: Ethereal Binding. (Inflicts Sealed on enemies).
Lv.27: Whiteout. (Ice damage to enemies + Frozen).
Lv.29: Lightning Fist. (Lightning damage + pierce enemy's DEF).
Lv.36: Disaster. (Strong Wind/Fire damage to enemies + inflict Stun, Bleed, and Death).

Base Crit %: 8%.
Ability List:
Lv.1: Two-Handed Slash. (Damage enemy + inflict Down/Arm Break).
Lv.3: Backstabber. (Damage enemy + inflict Stun/Death).
Lv.6: Focus. (Increase own AGL+ATK).
Lv.9: Fracture. (Damage enemy + lower DEF).
Lv.13: Massacre. (Damage enemy + inflict Bleeding. Strong VS Humans).
Lv.17: Exorcism Wave. (Holy Damage to enemies. Strong VS Demons).
Lv.20: Gorgon Darts. (Damage + Petrify enemies).
Lv.25: Diamond Cutter. (Damage enemy + inflict Stun/Bleeding. Strong VS Armoured.)
Lv.30: Atrophic Spike. (Damage enemy and ignore DEF + inflict Death/Crushed).

Weapon Types and their Modifiers + (Approx) Hit/Crit%:

Approx Hit%: 95%.
Crit %: 3-10%.
Modifier: 125%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Demon).

Great Swords.
Approx Hit%: 85%.
Crit %: 10-15%.
Modifier: 165%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Dragon).

Approx Hit%: 90%.
Crit %: 6-12%.
Modifier: 135%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Animal).

Approx Hit%: 95%.
Crit %: 0-6%.
Modifier: 75%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Undead).

Approx Hit%: 90%.
Crit %: 0-5%.
Modifier: 70%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Demon) (Magic).

Approx Hit%: 99%.
Crit %: 8-12%.
Modifier: 100%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Human).

Approx Hit%: 88%.
Crit %: 12-18%.
Modifier: 115%.
Naturally Effective VS: (Armoured).

Approx Hit%: 86%.
Crit %: 5-8%.
Modifier: 90%.
Naturally Effective VS: Nothing.

Approx Hit%: 90%.
Crit %: 3-8%.
Modifier: 80%.
Naturally Effective VS: Nothing.