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This walkthrough will briefly describe the route a player should take to make it through VENAITURA's main scenario. It will only include general instructions, and will not detail the contents of each dungeon or how to tackle the game's enemies and bosses.



-Speak to the Taskmaster at the head of the Realm of Heroes.


-After arriving on Tsufana, head southeast to Kammlot.

-Head to the pond on the eastern side of the village. Talk to Merlin twice. Afterwards, head out of town and southwest to the cave there.

-Explore the cave and defeat the boss at its lowest level. Use the key obtained from him to open the cell door in that same room and grab the SOUL MIRROR from the corpse there. Head back to Kammlot.

-Talk to Morgan with the SOUL MIRROR in your possession. Watch the scene, then talk to both Morgan and Merlin again. After that, leave the village and head northwest to the Brecilian Forest.

-Head one screen west and a little north inside the forest to encounter an NPC named “Farmer Honyin Bolb.” Speak with him to receive the MEMORY FLY. Leave the forest and head back to Kammlot.

-From Kammlot, head as far south as you can go until you reach the town of Barkenwag. A scene will occur and you'll fight Morgan. After the battle, head back to the Brecilian Forest.

-Head as far south in the forest as you can and you'll reach Merlin's Cottage. Speak with her until she opens the door to her basement and access to the warp platform there. Once you step on it, it's on to the next continent and its Purveyor!


-Leave the beach you arrive at and head east until you see a cabin on the coast. Enter and talk to the inhabitants. Speak to “Captain Halfa Sasha” to learn your objective: travel a little east through the mountains past the cabin, then south at the first turn, then east again to reach the Shallow Shanty.

-Explore the Shallow Shanty until you find the CLEAR COIN.

-Head back to the pirate's cabin, then directly south of that to a single blue tile on the world map. Inspect it to cause a tower to appear. Enter and ascend said tower.

-Exit the tower, head north and enter the house at the northernmost part of this new land. Speak to the blue man at the table, “Captain Nobeard,” to trigger a scene and fight the boss. Afterwards you'll receive the CONCH OF CALLING. Head back down the tower from earlier and to the world map.

-East of the pirate's cabin (and at the halfway point of Land-Ho) is the abandoned town of First Matey. Enter and head directly north to find another blue tile. Inspect it to trigger a scene. Leave the town and then take the ship to the House of Waves.

-Descend the House of Waves until you reach Ruby at its lowest level. Defeat her and you'll acquire the DEEP SAPPHIRE. Take the warp platform in the center of the room to leave the House of Waves.

-Head as far east and possible and enter the cave there. The tunnel has been completed, which means you can now head to...


-Enter the Temple of Hasgad and speak with the king and queen. Afterwards, exit the temple and keep heading north until you each a small village on the edge of a pond called Yoten.

-Enter the wooden cottage at the head of the village and examine the top-left stone structure. Descend into the hole and speak with Laukei, who'll give you the KEEPER'S KEY. Exit town, then head west to the castle there.

-Explore the castle until you reach a giant stone doorway blocking access to a bookshelf on a platform. Examine the door, then proceed to and examine the bookshelf to warp to the next part of the dungeon. Descend into and explore this giant dungeon until you reach its end, defeat the boss, and acquire SURT'S HORN.

-Exit the castle and head as far north on Ragna-Rock as possible until you reach Jormigand, the Holy Mountain. Ascend the mountain and fight the boss at the top.

-Return to the Temple of Hasgad and speak with Laukei and the king. You'll receive HOFUND and the BLACK PEARL (a ship) to traverse the world's oceans!

-Head outside and walk just a little north of the temple to board your ship. With it, you can sail to...


-On your ship, sail directly north (passing the fist landmass on your right) until you reach a wharf surrounded by forests and where the mountains narrow to a small hut. Enter the hut, speak with the NPC, then exist and board your ship again.

-Sail directly south (until you reach the large grey mountains of the landmass you passed earlier), then head west until you come across a small sandy island with a few small mountains and a wooden sign. Head down into the hole and acquire the MOXIE PASS. Head back to the hut from earlier and speak with the NPC again to access Montopia.

-Follow the path north to reach Redville. Enter and find/speak to Redd under the town. Afterwards, leave and follow the path south, heading west when the path ends at the hut you entered Montopia from. Enter the cave in the mountains there, known as the Crag of Beasts.

-Proceed through the Crag of Beasts and defeat the boss within. Having saved the children, return to Redville. Speak to Redd once again, then exit the town and return to your ship.

-Sail a little northwest (INLAND, following the bay towards Montopia's center) and enter the cave you find known as MOM's House.

-Explore MOM's House until you encounter MOM within its depths. After the scene and boss fight, exit the cave and return to Redville. Follow the path from Redville west, then head north at the clearing and through the mountains to reach Montam's Training Center.

-With MOM's aid you're able to enter the Training Center, so ascend the relatively short dungeon until you confront and defeat Montam on the top floor. You'll receive the ELDRITCH EYE for your victory, which means now you can leave Montopia!

-Board your ship and sail west (to the small island you received the MOXIE PASS from earlier to enter Montopia). Next to it is VENAITURA, which has a skull-shaped island attached to it. THAT is your next destination. Dock at the mouth of the skull and enter the dungeon.


-This dungeon is a whopping 10 floors, but that's ALL it is. So come PREPARED. Once you brave all 10 floors and fight the boss at the dungeon's depths, you'll acquire the TIMELESS HEART and a method to traverse the world's skies, meaning there's no longer any limits to where you can go or explore!


-Leaving the Dungeon of Doom on your new dragon, head northwest to the Lispen continent. Land and enter North Lisandes.

-Follow the main pathway northwest and enter the palace. Talk to the Emperor on the second floor, then exit North Lisandes and head to East Lisandes through the small hut in the wall dividing the city.

-Work your way south through the ruins and take the southern exit of East Lisandes to emerge in a forested area with a single log cabin. Enter and descend the stairs within until you reach the lowest level; examine the water basin to obtain the EFFIGY OF EMAZELDYNE.

-Head back to the main (ruined) portion of East Lisandes. Make your way to the southwest portion of the city (living quarters) and look for a monster statue next to a single tile of dirt (just outside of the building with the well and the corpse of an elderly woman). Examine the spot of dirt to uncover a staircase. Follow the path and grab the DAGGER OF SEVERANCE from the chest.

-With the two key items in tow, head east and through the old inn. Your goal is the northeastern corner of the city. Use the DAGGER OF SEVERANCE on the door there, then the EFFIGY OF EMAZELDYNE to enter the tower beyond that. Proceed until you fight the boss at the top, then make your way back to the world map and to North Lisandes.

-Head directly NORTH to the Provenance Cathedral. At the top you'll face the final of the Six Purveyors of Doom and acquire YORE'S EARRING.

-With all six relics in tow, head to the center of the world map and land by Venaitura. Approaching the tower now will open the final dungeon to you!


-You did it! All that's left is to ascend Venaitura and defeat the final boss. The climb is relatively straight-forward with several diversions, but nothing you can't figure out after the journey you've just been on.


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And that's it! Hope this helps anyone who may be lost or has forgotten where they've left off!
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