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Roll through this RPG maker (tsukuru) 2003 2k3 journey as basic main protagonist Hero. The world is mainly composed of four continents with general name of cardinal directions. These continents are the Southern, Eastern, Northern, and Western Continents. Hero resides in a home with his family in the Southern Continent, and is presented and takes on a path intertwining with the inhabitants and cultures extending beyond his town's. These experiences also lend to and build his identity hinting to where he discovers who he really is.

Through Hero experience a classic amateur indie developed currently linear-based story. The setting currently and casually spills through a fantasy world of people, monsters, friends, and foes. The world and story attempts to come alive through non-fiction personality inspired character dynamics, rpg cliche drama, and action-leaning graphics in default battle system battles.

This untitled adventure features around 3-5 hours game play. It can possible be less depending on player. Difficulty can vary but aims to be more easier and playable side. Graphics and resources include RTP assets resources, mindfully crafted charas.ex generated charas, some custom battle animations based on RanMaster27 templates, and various resources scavenge from years ago and throughout.

The project originally developed as a personal project kept among a group of bunch of buddies offline unintended for public until official release. My third project, first worthwhile one. Recently went through bug and edit spree, plenty incomplete aspect but nongamebreaking and arguably met hiatus and plateaued some years ago

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'Untitled by OHBmouf' : a lofi Comic edition (iN a NuTsHeLl/SpOiLeRs/HoW iT sHoUlD hApPeNeD)

hey what's up everyone hope youre all doing well check out this comic containing alternate plot of my untitled project regardless of perception i think it is funny and well written


a secretSantaComic by the one people call "the real dy", superuser who evades secret santa guesses, and RPG connoisseur extraordinaire: Dyluck


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hey whats up everyone dont be shy most percent of views is just me but yes feel free to download and review or lets play i encourage and dont mind zero to five star hey may be beautiful long evening yea take a seat get comfy the couch is right over here and oh help yourself of course ah *takes sip yes

edit due to: *spit take gasp first download they grow up so fast first time is special ah *takes sip indeed yes
edit due to2: ten downloads and the first original subscriber yes it is an honor regardless of where the journey takes you *popeyes spinach thank you! happy holidays ! 12/25
I tried play and it felt good, hope you can update and upload more game content, I am also preparing to try to develop similar games. Because I still have a soft spot for RM2K-style games
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