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Lord Fun Gal's Crypt

  • Liberty
  • 01/30/2019 02:01 AM
Crypt of the Fungal Lord was created for a one-map challenge event. It's a pretty nice little game, even if it can get a bit frustrating at points. I'd definitely recommend a play.

Graphically, the game is gorgeous. There's a lot of care taken in creating the different assets and palette. It's retro-style but sleek and looks really nice. From the developer logo to the end, the visuals just make you sit up and pay attention. The animations are smooth and there's a lot of subtle touches that give the game that tiny bit extra - you can tell a lot of love has gone into its creation.

The sound is well done, too. The sound effects are all fitting and fresh, melding well with the background sounds (no music here, merely atmospheric sounds). It works well with the visuals.

The gameplay is a mix of puzzles and battles, and both are interesting and fresh, especially for a game made in 2k/3. The puzzles range from spiked floor movement to switch placements, but the biggest and best would be the hacking puzzles, where you have to either move around blocks to create a path between two exits or replicate a pattern by clicking on/off tiles.

The battles are also very interesting and quite involved. The idea is to dodge attacks coming from the enemy while shooting at them until their health is depleted and reloading your gun when your bullets run out. There's a countdown for when to dodge which can take up one or two (or more!) of the three spots you can dodge to. Sometimes the attacks move around the field, sometimes they're stationary. When they do move around you're given a visual indication via broken line around the box.

I quite liked most of the game bar one point - if you die you restart at the start of the map and have to kill every enemy you'd already killed before. Now, this might not sound like much seeing as there are only four enemies total, but there's no healing in the game, meaning if you lose any life at all, next battle you've already got only as much health as you had at the end of the previous battle. This is a pain as you can lose life even in the battle you're supposed to lose. This is also a pain as sometimes you'll have dodged an attack only to get hit when you move back to the middle (automatically happens as you start in the middle field and can only dodge left/right for a second) but take damage anyway.

Though the game can get a bit frustrating with having to fight battles over and over again, overall it's a really spiffy gem and I highly recommend people give it a go! It'll take you about 10-20 minutes if you're as bad as I am at the battles.


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Hey, thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it
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