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Originally created for the 2018 IGMC game jam.

Long ago, before you or I were born, there was a land filled with wizards. One of them, Color Master Iryl, finds his world drained of color and needs to figure out why. Strange things seem to have been happening back in Darkmoor Castle and it's up to him to stop it.

Search the maps for hidden items, solve puzzles, help characters along the way, and figure out what is happening to all the vibrant color of his world.

Color Master Iryl
Mysterious Stranger
Wizard 1-6

Space-bar - Jump
Left Arrow Key - Move Left
Right Arrow Key - Move Right
Action Button - Enter
X - Menu
There are other controls in the game you can figure out along the way.

I purchased/used these tile sets from these people.
They are well made so check out their other stuff!

Shackhal - https://shackhal.itch.io/
Tile set - https://shackhal.itch.io/multi-platformer-tileset
Jammartusia - https://jammartusia.itch.io/
Tile set - https://jammartusia.itch.io/pixel-art-side-scroller-pack
Openpixelproject - https://openpixelproject.itch.io/
Tile set - https://openpixelproject.itch.io/opp2017castle

Music by Eric Matyas

RM CoreScript team

Latest Blog

First version

Hey everyone this is the IGMC 2018 prototype at the moment. Feel free to go to the page to try out the game and leave a rating on it's submission page! Thanks for dropping by!
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  • 12/30/2019
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