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A short fun puzzle game.

A tower filled with fun puzzles!? Well except anytime you see a yellow floor.

Towerø is a short puzzle game that took me twenty minutes to complete. It features many of the staple puzzles you will have come across in RPG Maker games over the years. You have your sliding floors, pushing boulders onto switches, path memorisation and walk on all the switches exactly once puzzles. All are well done and there are anti-frustration features present; puzzle reset buttons and a solution button for all the memorisation/trial and error puzzles. In total there are ten floors of puzzles, the game has an autosave feature so you can quit/resume anytime. The earlier floors introduce the puzzles in simple way before they are repeated in a more complex fashion. The puzzle I took the longest to solve was the second of the push all the floor switches, it had an interesting twist where you could cut across the floor to the otherside which added more possible routes.

Sadly it ends just as the puzzle types start to combine.

Unfortunately being only ten floors long the game ends just as it gets into the swing of things, the final floor features most of the puzzle elements and you're required to naviate them all to unlock the ending. Had the game gone on a few more floors it would have been nice to see the puzzles combined e.g. the switches you have to push all of being on an icy floor or perhaps you could push boulders onto the icy to create the extra obstacles you need to overcome the puzzle. But anyway as it stands Towerø is short, fun and the puzzles don't overstay their welcome which is always a risk with puzzle games. I can happily reccomend Towerø as it's very much short and sweet and I hope you have fun playing this game.


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Thank you very much for the review, Fomar0153. :)

The fact that the game ends just where the puzzle types start to combine may feel a bit strange at the moment. However, I'll continue to add some more stages in the future to top it off. If you wish for certain types of puzzles, just let me know. I like your suggestions so far.

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