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Demo Version 2.0.1!!

As you may have already noticed, we have released the second chapter of our game. There's been a great deal of improvements that I can only list slightly because of how numerous they are.

Here are some of the major features that have recently been added:

- Difficulty modes -
At the beginning of the game, you have a choice of four difficulty modes, which modify the stats which you start the game with.

Standard - Start the game with 100 HP. The mode which is considered most for balancing purposes.
Beginner - Start the game with 200 HP. Great for first-time players.
Challenge - Start the game with 50 HP. Only choose this if you do not fear death.
Relax - Start the game with 400 HP. If you just want to have fun without worrying about danger too much.
(Do note that this may lessen the impact of certain situations in-game.)

- Diagonal movement -

This greatly improves the mobility and movement options, especially when navigating dangerous terrain. There would have been pixel movement, but no pixel movement script that I could find wanted to cooperate with the squad script.

- Time shrines (intermediate save points)-

In addition to end of day save points and quicksaves, the player now has access to time shrines, which can be used to save the game... provided that enough time has elapsed since last using the services of a time shrine. You may check if you can save at a time shrine by using Coda's skill Natural Rhythm.

- Snackmaking -

Starting after a particular point early in level 2, Coda will consider the ability to make snacks while on the road. This may be accessed via the pause menu. Many snacks will require a bottle filled with water alongside the main ingredient. Do note that each party member has their own tastes and preferences in regards to snacks, and each one will have slightly differing effects from one party member to the next. It's advised to document who likes what and what their opinions are on certain ingredients.