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The Phantom Queen

The Phantom Queen is a classical style sci-fantasy RPG, in a setting inspired by Amber and Irish mythology. The story centers around a succession war in which our heroine Moira takes on her usurper half brother Eric in a fight for the throne.

Moira is very good at warfare, and can predict what action enemies are going to take in combat. This lets you plan each round with full knowledge of the risks involved in your choices. An edge that you'll need to fight your way to the throne solo.

This is a short game, but has some replay value, you will have the opportunity to equip different sets of weapons which come with their own skill sets.


This game was created in approximately 10 days as a "secret santa" for StormCrow.
"It had everything I like in it, badass babes, wars of succession, the power to get people wet and then electrocute them, guns, eldritch abominations, doggoes!"

The script I created for showing enemy actions is available in the scripts section as CC_Telepathy.

The Future

StormCrow expressed interest in making a sequel or expanded version, for which she has my full blessing.

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