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Yay! The game is finally here! ^_^ (RMN Seasons)

Hi everyone! It is finally done!! XDD :)My RMN Seasons entry! It was honestly quite the roller coaster of ups and downs during the 1 month deadline >.< What with the holidays and stuff haha xD :D But strangely enough, I was able to finish it somehow, and I'm very grateful. ^_^ Thanks most esp. to my kindly testers who helped me with the balancing and aesthetics of the game. :D

But anyway, I'm just happy it's here! And I sure hope you will enjoy it as you try it! :D Don't expect anything super out of the ordinary though, since a month is quite tight for me to balance, and I didn't wanna rush my kindly testers too much haha xD :D :) Still, I'm hoping you'll have fun. :D