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- 7 playlable characters and a secret one
- Enhanced game system made from scratch
- Junction system for the main character,(just like the FF8 system, bug free!)
- Draw aura from the enemies and learn junction abilities to enhance your character.
- Battle charas created from scratch and edited by me
- In game movies an ending scenes for a complete rpg experience

The resurrection of an ancient deamon is near, and only the power of the black dragon can stop the beast. Our hero has the key for complete the ritual of resurrection. But the legend of the guardian of earth has a secret that will be discovered too late.

The game is in spanish cuz im from south america, i hope the ones who can understand it can enjoy the game.

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  • 04/16/2009 01:45 AM
  • 11/07/2017 05:51 AM
  • 04/18/2009
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uh it's not a good idea to show a screenshot with the final boss as well a stating who it is, that's like major spoilers.
Don't worry about that. The party in this battle is radnomized. And it's not the final battle
Resident Terrapin
Please add a third screenshot. The image "Lucy" is just character art. I'll give you several days.
how do u make RPGs and play em?
oh i didn't noitce you saying the game is in spanish, i don't think many people on this site know spanish so i don't this this'll be getting many downloads, maybe there's someone who knows spanish who could translate the game? though that's probably asking a lot.
i think there's too many text for a traslation. And the game videos are also in spanish, if there's goin to be a english version i should do it myself. But now i'm working in a new project.
I am going to give you props for this one because it sounds pretty cool, unfortunately, I can't read Spanish.
The game looks fine. I am rather bummed that I can't play it because I can't read/speak Spanish very well, but you certainly put effort into it.

By the way, did you get the PM I sent you?
we should make a petition for the english version of this :D
I have played your game and it's very good. Is what you expect of your Snes rpg's of old and it is fun to play with a good story to boot. But the bad thing is that in this community you will not find many people that will play this because it is in Spanish.
It's wonderful rpg! But what is the code to insert in the tower?
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