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For many generations, the Hero has faced the Demon King, who has used countless resources to strengthen his power. At some point, a tribe of sorcerers corrupted by darkness, forged a weapon called “The Trident of Power”. Even still, the bravery of the Hero was always great, and the Demon King was defeated and sealed in the Dark World, a parallel dimension. However, the Trident remained... The ancient Seven Sages, in a mortal attempt to destroy the weapon, only managed to shatter it into 7 pieces. These were given to the strongest races of the continent.

Hyrule and Tylistem, are two kingdoms that have coexisted in peace for centuries, but this harmony will be disturbed by a group of people who, from the shadows, have created a meticulous plan... They believe that it will lead into a world changing revolution.

An adventure made 100% by and for fans!
Live through a dark history about war, treason and great desires that will put at risk the peace of an entire continent.

30+ hours of exploration and adventure!
Lots of secrets, sidequests and many minigames await you in the enormous kingdoms of Tylistem and Hyrule.

Classic action system of 16 Bit videogames!
See epic battles and diverse mechanics using the classic system of an authentic 2D Zelda game.

-Action RPG
Fully functional battle system based on sword, shield and a large number of secondary weapons. Complemented with a wide range of enemies with different AI that when defeated will drop certain items.

- Hearts, Rupees and Magic System:
Being as faithful as possible to the general concept that the official games of this franchise has, I programmed the following: a life system based on hearts, a money system based on rupees (which the maximum you can carry depends on the wallets you've collected), and a magic system needed to use on more than one secondary weapon.

-Custom Key System:
Thanks to DynRpg plugins, the game has the ability to use any key at will. Keys like "A", "S", "D", "Alt", will be useful in this game to make the comfort of playing as complete as possible.

- Data storage system:
This game has a custom entry in which you can choose a name for each game file thanks to a fully customized system. In addition to this, when you start the game, you can see in each game file the progress you've made. You can compare between the two available game files!

- Personalized Menu:
A fully customized system in which you can observe your equipment, your secondary weapons, save your adventure and use a system of options that will allow you to configure aspects of the game to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

-System of Shops:
Customized system to obtain all kinds of objects in the game. All based on the system of rupees.

-Bank System:
System to keep your money in a bank. You can deposit and withdraw money from it.

-The game will try to be as linear as possible, delivering a varied range of sidequests, as well as offering different choices to the main story line. These include points where you can choose which dungeon to explore first, and other choices that will have further consequences.

-You don't need to have the RTP installed in order to play.

-The game's soundtrack consists of mostly MP3 files, making the complete download file large in size.

-The game uses a save system based on checkpoints. You can save at any time, but you keep in mind that you will return to the last checkpoint you activated.

-Needless to say, this is a fangame, not for profit, but with the respective credits to the creators of the original idea.

-This game uses DynRPG plugins.



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Latest Blog

Version 1.02 update

Bugs fixed and news fanarts!


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Hello again, I've put together a quick-text document containing all the open side-quests, hidden sidequests and mini-games that can be found in this game. The information that I used here were from version 1.01 and 1.02. If the next version has any new changes I will try my best to update the document. I hope this helps and just to note this is just a quick list of a number secrets I've found in the game. Anyone else is more than welcome to add more depth to this document if you wish and hope you all have a great day.

No, the armor with the highest defense is red (sheikah). As for the final battle I can only say that yes, it is difficult, as all final bosses should be! hahaha.

You can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5I-69gWffM&t=280s

Maybe it will help you to have an idea of what attacks to use (also, I think it's important that you have at least 70 silver fragments).

Finally, that code you saw in the Zora Domains, it's a secret code that works in conjunction with other totems around the game. It has no direct impact on the game.

Is there a third empty jar in the game? I am unable to beat the final boss nor dark link. Dark link is almost impossible to beat once his life gets into green bar with two jars..... (Don't get me started about the final boss..... I'm assuming there is a golden armor in the game which I currently don't have)

I can't imagine just how hard (or impossible) hard mode is.....

Update: I found the third empty jar and managed to beat dark link. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get the golden armor soon (assuming it exists in this game).

Also, I can't figure out the hidden board in Zora's Domain that says "..., Right, Right, Right, X." I'm assuming you have to go right, right, right, then hit X...? I also can't find two shards/silver in lost woods.
Anyone have any tips on beating the mini-boss in the Desert temple? I am having a with the repetitive button you are suppose to press. It feels like the repetitive button pressing isn't working correctly.
Are you sure you are pressing the Z key?
Sometimes the sprite generates confusion with the 2 key.

The 2nd attempt yes. I didn't know that you can press the Z key when you get stunned the first time. The sprite only appears after he attacks.
Anyone have any tips on beating the mini-boss in the Desert temple? I am having a with the repetitive button you are suppose to press. It feels like the repetitive button pressing isn't working correctly.

Are you sure you are pressing the Z key?
Sometimes the sprite generates confusion with the 2 key.
Anyone have any tips on beating the mini-boss in the Desert temple? I am having a with the repetitive button you are suppose to press. It feels like the repetitive button pressing isn't working correctly.
Ok, I did what you said, downloaded it again, added my save files but this time the wall is not there. Wow thats weird, maybe my file got corrupted or something, I am sorry about that, however the slot 2 name issue is still there.

That "Artbook" sounds great! Adding "backstory to present story" would give it more depth. Telling the story of each character that was left out from the game and then adding the present story of what was already in the game.It can just be for this chapter of your game. Then if you decide to do a sequel then that could be a separate chapter like this for example: Chapter 1: LoZ - ToP, Chapter 2 - The Sequel, etc. However you decide to do your "Artbook" I will look forward to it.
I intend to release an "Artbook" with fanarts of the main characters of the game and there I was thinking of adding the backstory of each character to complement what is presented in the game. It would be great to release it in both English and Spanish. It might even be released together with the DLC. Only time will tell.

I will check the bug with the name, it seems to be only presented in slot 2.

Lastly, I just downloaded version 1.02 from this same page, checked, and I don't get the forest bug. Could you download it again, copy and paste the save files, and let me know? I would appreciate it.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
First of all, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my comment and answer them thoroughly.

For the battle system, yes, I pointed out a lot, but I understand the difficulty it takes to function properly. That’s why it’s optional but regardless I’ll move on from this, and looking forward to the DLC story!

Thank you for clarifying Melder on topic 1. I was trying my best to understand him, but as I was making progress in the story for me it felt like more and more that there was a hidden character he was answering to or that he was going to backstab the empire (Either way would have been a really cool plot twist and would have fit in this type of game.) I didn’t consider about his personality of just been manipulative! Which actually makes a lot of sense now.

Thank you for clarifying Thaneris on topic 2. Wow, that really took a dark turn, but actually filled out the gap I thought was missing. I thought perhaps I overlooked something or missed something in the story, but now it all makes sense. I’ve read about “Blood Magic” in the game, and here I thought Anaruiz was using “Dark Magic” like Nimiel Vanyar but this clears it up. Now I feel really sad for Thaneris and Miya, but I’m glad we got to learn about this and show more about who they were.

It’s unfortunate that these bits of amazing lore didn’t make into the game, as it definitely added more depth to all these characters. I appreciate this so much and for taking the time to explain.

For the Name Character Issue, This is what I was talking about:

For the Ladderblock in Lost Woods, here is the location where insvisble wall between the ladder blocks you from going forward in V1.02. Luckly I had v1.01 before this came out, so I was able to continue and complete the game.

Really thank you very much for all your comments and for playing and completing the game.

I must say that English is not my native language (the game originally came out only in Spanish, and was translated to English by a collaborator), so I apologize if I make a mistake or write something wrong.

About the bugs:
Thank you very much, I will try to fix them. The one that worries me the most is the Lost Woods, could you send me a screenshot of the specific place where the problem was?

About the typo with the name, I don't know what could have produced it, because I tested and it came out correctly. Sorry.

About the tips:
The programming of the battle system is closed, with its positive and negative things. Changing it involves too much work, so it will not be possible. I will take into consideration the rest of the comments you made.

The game is already finished, so no more cups will be added in addition to the four existing ones. But I can tell you that I am working on a DLC for the game that will include an extra dungeon and new boss battles. For more information you can follow the facebook page or the discord channel.

Finally about your final doubts, let's see:
1) Melder spied on his allies because he has a manipulative nature. He liked to keep control of things, as having clarity of all information he could give good advice to Anariuz. He worked for Anariuz only, for a matter of ambition, he believed that Anariuz was the right person to conquer the world, and being his closest advisor put him in the best possible position.

2) There is a type of dark arcane magic called "Blood Magic". It is a type of magic that needs sacrifices to work. It is the same one that the Noldor used to curse the Teleris, and it is the same one that Anariuz teaches Thaneris. How Anariuz learned blood magic has to do with his past, but unfortunately this was not addressed by the game. But basically, Anariuz in his youth traveled through many places and with Melder's guidance managed to acquire this power. Still, it is a power he does not use much, as it involves sacrifices. When Anariuz meets Thaneris and recruits her for the Empire, he gives her to a scythe cursed with blood magic. The scythe gives great power to the user (both physical and magical), but at the same time, the weapon demands blood and this ends up affecting the user's mind.

The name issue, well, that too, is part of the characters' backstory that was not included in the game. Lucy was the name of a stuffed animal that Thanerys and Miya's mother secretly gave her daughter. This since the Gerudo after the purge, they couldn't waste resources even on toys, but Thaneris being her youngest daughter, she did it anyway. After her mother's death, in a fit of grief, Thaneris destroys the stuffed toy Lucy; and years later, after meeting Anariuz, she begins to hear voices from the scythe, and she (who already had a fragile mind) hallucinates that Lucy, her toy, had possessed her weapon.

Best regards and thanks for your support!
Hello! I'm new here but I wanted to give my feedback about the game and some flaws that I noticed while playing the game. This feedback will be long but it's because I see so much potential for this game and hope you find this informative.

Bugs or Issues to be Aware In Versions 1.01 and 1.02

– If you are in combat mode with the Shield ON and then enter a town you will still be like if you are shield mode because you are walking slow in town. DON’T ENTER in towns with Shield ON to keep your walking normal speed.

– When fighting enemies sometime the sword hit box and any enemy hit box doesn’t always connect and you need to be in a specific spot to actually damage the enemy.

– When you unlock the Snow City, the elders in Terracia and Sandoria are invisible but have green arrows above. Not sure if these are errors or not.

– In the Lost Forest, the ladder that leads to the leafy plant characters on the ground is impassable in v1.02. I had to use v1.01 to get forward. There is like an invisible wall blocking the ladder.

– When you go to the village inn that has the Gorons and Zoras, if you go into combat mode and use your sword, sometime the sword animation would show a door/floor next to the sword swing.

– When fighting the emperor the first time, sometimes during the battle you may get frozen in place and stuck that way the whole time. The only solution I found was to turn off and on the game and load the file.

Typos or Issues to be Aware In Versions 1.01 and 1.02

– In Tylistem City, next to the “Treasure Chest Game House”, there is a blond-hair pig tail woman with a blue dress sitting on a bench. Her name title says, “Young Women” instead of “Young Woman.

– During the scene with General Lance, Link, Miya and Thaneris, there is a typo when Thaneris says “Pray” instead of “Prey.”

– After you get the special sword in the lost woods, Commander with the red hair I start to talk and say “that that” twice, and believe that’s a typo.

– When you are at the start menu and select a save file menu is shown I think some letters are glitchy. Like when I name my character “Cecil”, and the save file name will show “Ce il” instead. The whole name wouldn’t show.

Possible Gameplay Improvements To Be Considered

– Allowing the “boomerang” to be able to “grab” items back to you as a feature. Examples: Rupees, Hearts, Arrows, Bombs, Magic bottles, etc.

– Allowing the “hook shot” to able to “grab” items and faster animation to shoot and reach. It felt very slow to me.

– An option perhaps to add Masks with Abilities has part of Link arsenal. Similar to how Majora’s Mask masks are used is a possible option.

– The Save Option can be improved by giving us options such as:

“Save and Continue.”
“Save and return to Checkpoint/dungeon entrance.”
“Save and Exit.”

– This way we have preferences/options for how we want to save a game according to what situation we are currently in.

– Having an option to load game in the menu not just from death menu and option to Quit to Title Screen instead of self-game-over or closing the game to go back to it would be much better.

– Rebalance Master Difficulty to make it more beatable. As it is right now, its way too hard to the point that seems almost impossible.

– Rebalance the Final Story Boss to be more beatable. Does way too much damage for Beginner Mode and it progressively get harder as difficulty rises. The Final Boss damage in Beginner is comparable to Expert because after you defeat him the first time its like he jumps from 1x-2x times damage to 4x-5x times. You can only imagine how much higher it jumped from the other difficulties.

Possible Text Improvements To Be Considered

– When literature dialog is taking place, try to use italics fonts or other medium to separate conversation dialog from literature dialog.

– My own personal taste but I suggest replacing swearing words with other emotional words. There are so many words in the dictionary/thesaurus to describe and express oneself.

Optional – instead of using modern language in the game why don’t you try to research and use language spoken during medieval times but it can still be spoken English. Just an idea if you really want to bring in more of the immersion in the game.

– Being able to skip dialog button action not just for cut scenes but for other forms of dialog would be very useful. For Example: conversation with people and reading literatures


These particular games I believe to be great references for the topic above

Chrono Cross – shows use of an accent system

Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past – shows use of a saving system and boomerang/hotshot animations/features

Assassin Creed Series – shows use of how medieval language/dialog is used

Final Fantasy Tactics – shows use of how medieval language/dialog is used

– Possible Cups to Considered and Some Spoilers For Context –

In the “competition house with cups”, what would be some neat ideas to add would be:

The Heroes Cup – adding Kane, Miya, Irma, Zelda

The Empire Cup – adding Lance, Balthos, Melder, Raith, Sachiel, Thaneris, The Emperor

Fallen Heroes Cup – adding Tylon, Deith, Belgrand, Rosbert, Raphael, Hyrule King Dantolus

Leader Cup – adding Sandoria Elder, Terracia Elder, Sirion Governor, Tylistem King

– Unanswered Questions Containing Some Spoilers For Context –

During my game play of this, I felt I came across some questions that appeared to me when learning about the characters felt incomplete or unsatisfactory.

Topic 1 – Melder was spying on everyone including his own team, to what extent? What was his goal? Could he be working for someone else or did he have some other scheme in mind?

Topic 2 – Who exactly was Lucy other than being Thaneris’s Scythe Weapon? Was it a Dark Magical Entity? Was she suffering from some sort of poor mental health? And how was The Emperor able to affect her mind that greatly?

In the first phase (the one with the crystals) only use the shield and arrows (hopefully the silver ones). In the second phase, always look for the right moment to hit him with a light arrow (for example, after his vertical attack, when he falls to the ground, you can always hit him with an arrow).
When attacking with the sword, always place yourself in a diagonal tile to him.

You can watch a video of the battle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5I-69gWffM&t=19s
I'm stuck on the final boss fight. After I destroy the two crystals he tears me a new one. Any advice on how to win?
I'm still thoroughly enjoying this. Currently on Spiritual Paranoia. I got lost for a good 90 minutes before I realized the dungeon has multiple entrances lol

Does anyone know the location of all silver fragment pieces in Hyrule Field. I'm missing one, and I'm not sure which one it is I need. I've paid the shiekah by the way, but all I know is I have 6 of 7

The pieces are as follows:

1) Eastern Hyrule Field: on the way to Kakarillo Village.
2) Weastern Hyrule Field: it is a cave behind a hole.
3) Weastern Hyrule Field: on a hillside next to the Potion Shop.
4) Central Hyrule Field: in the north part of the castle (this area can only be accessed in the final part of the game).
5) Northern Hyrule Field: in a cave behind a hole.
6) & 7) Spiritual Paranoia

Does anyone know the location of all silver fragment pieces in Hyrule Field. I'm missing one, and I'm not sure which one it is I need. I've paid the shiekah by the way, but all I know is I have 6 of 7
Back in Sandoria (after completing the Ice Palace) there's a girl on a bench that complains she doesn't get to see her boyfriend enough. I saw in a Let's Play that her boyfriend was a soldier outside the castle but he never appeared there in my game. It was in Spanish so I didn't understand much. He gave Link a black necklace and he returned it to the girl and they reunited getting some award that resembles a peapod lol. Did I miss something to trigger this event?

First you must talk to the guy who is in the basement of the inn. What you saw is part of the Love Guy Sidequest.
Back in Sandoria (after completing the Ice Palace) there's a girl on a bench that complains she doesn't get to see her boyfriend enough. I saw in a Let's Play that her boyfriend was a soldier outside the castle but he never appeared there in my game. It was in Spanish so I didn't understand much. He gave Link a black necklace and he returned it to the girl and they reunited getting some award that resembles a peapod lol. Did I miss something to trigger this event?
Well I gotta say a I had a blast with the game(Got Ending A). As someone who plays a lot of Zelda Classic quests, it was neat seeing what you managed to do in RM2k3. Some of the hit detection felt weird (especially with the Moblin Fortress boss), but I like how complicated a lot of the later fights were.

There was something I was wondering about though:

I saw at the end of the game that I had 14/14 Sidequests completed, but I wasn't able to save Irma. Is the locked door in the Ice Palace right before the boss room tied to saving her? I went to the elf who gave details on her earlier sidequest, and she mentioned that it might have been possible to help her.

Regardless of that, I had a lot of fun; I hope to see more from you in the future!

Great that you have completed the game! If you give me the time play of your game, I can add your log to the Zelda ToP community discord.

Btw, the Ice Palace room you say opens with an extra key from the temple and only takes you to a Piece of Heart. Regarding Irma, everything that happens to her is part of the story, it can't be changed.

What Sirael mentions in Sirion is related to the theme that the DLC I'm working on will have. Yes, Zelda Trident of Power will have an expansion! It will be released in a few months.

Try extracting again the file RPG_RT.exe (inside the Data folder). And run the game from the same RPG_RT.exe
No dice. It still doesn't work, same error. I will change my region setting to Spanish for the time being and see if that'll help.

EDIT: That actually did the trick. Now the game runs, but that's not really a solution for the average user. If you can, I'd really advise to remove the accented letters from file names wherever you can.

I've got the same issue and don't know how to solve it. Any suggestions???
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