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Hi, everyone! I made a little prototype demo for the last year's Indie Game Making Contest. The game is nec(H)roma:

Liam Evans and his daughter Amy are living their normal daily life, but an unexpected event will change everything.
After a car accident, they find themselves trapped inside a strange hospital-like building. A mysterious mastermind wants Liam to solve a series of puzzles and riddles or he won't be able to see his daughter again.

nec(H)roma is a dark thriller puzzle game. You play as Liam and Amy, the two main characters.
The gameplay focuses on two main features: puzzles and stealth sessions.
Liam's episodes are characterized by puzzles and "Escape Rooms" meanwhile Amy's episodes are stealth sessions.
This prototype demo contains about half an hour of gameplay and the first two complete episodes of the story.

Engine: RPG Maker 2003

Made for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018

I should've opened this thread before... the contest is long over now XD
Well, I usually make classical JRPG style games, like Theia: The Crimson Eclipse, but this time I wanted to experiment something different.
In this demo you'll be able to play the prologue, the first episode and the introduction of the second episode. I wish I could finish the second episode for the contest but the "problem" is that I have a fulltime job, so I can't spend much time on game developing during my free time T_T
Since this is a adventure/puzzle game, the mechanics are pretty simple: move the character with the arrow keys, interact with the environment with Z and open/close the menu with the X button (not available in the prologue). I wrote the entire plot with a complete list of episodes, as you can see at the start of the game, and I hope I'll find the time (and willpower XD) to finish Liam's and Amy's story.
I hope you'll enjoy this first prototype demo of nec(H)roma and I will probably post here the news about this project, and of course, leave a comment! Any feedback is much appreciated :D

If you want you can follow me on Facebook where I post info about this and other projects! Check the link here!

See ya! :)

Download the files and just boot the .exe file! Enjoy! : )


Latest Blog

IGMC 2018 Results!

Hey guys! I'm really glad (and excited) to reveal you the results of last year's Indie Game Making Contest!

I took part to the contest with necroma and these are the results! :D

There were over 320 entries, and I managed to reach these goals! I'm really proud of my work ; )
Well... I guess I have no choice now. I have to finish this game. XD

Link to the contest:

I will probably restart the game from scrap. I want to make it with RPG Maker MV because I think that with more time and with MV's features, I can make a better game.
I love RPG Maker 2003 but the problem is that it has become too old for me too. I like the feel of old graphics and I like how the events work. And I totally hate how they ruined the event system in the newer versions... but damn, we are in 2019 and I just can't accept to make a game in a 4:3 resolution >__<"
And the 256colors is probably the biggest limit.

So... I'll finish Theia first, of course, but after the release I think I'm going to work on nec(H)roma.


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Glad to see this game on here! This is one of the most promising looking rpg maker horror games I’ve seen as of recent so I’m extremely hyped for its completion.
Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't expecting this... "success" XD
The game is in the contest's top ten, and that's quite a great result for me!

I hope I can find some free time to complete this game ^_^
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Lollo! You finally published the game in here too! :)

The atmosphere and the graphics are superb, and everything looks extremely polished. I hope you'll find the time and strength to finish this game, we need more Theia-like awesomeness!

And good luck with the IGMC!^^
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