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IGMC 2018 Results!

Hey guys! I'm really glad (and excited) to reveal you the results of last year's Indie Game Making Contest!

I took part to the contest with necroma and these are the results! :D

There were over 320 entries, and I managed to reach these goals! I'm really proud of my work ; )
Well... I guess I have no choice now. I have to finish this game. XD

Link to the contest:

I will probably restart the game from scrap. I want to make it with RPG Maker MV because I think that with more time and with MV's features, I can make a better game.
I love RPG Maker 2003 but the problem is that it has become too old for me too. I like the feel of old graphics and I like how the events work. And I totally hate how they ruined the event system in the newer versions... but damn, we are in 2019 and I just can't accept to make a game in a 4:3 resolution >__<"
And the 256colors is probably the biggest limit.

So... I'll finish Theia first, of course, but after the release I think I'm going to work on nec(H)roma.