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Reincarnation is a game about an individual who lost sight of the meaning in life. The player starts in an apartment in a life they have no ambition for. The player eventually falls asleep.

Upon creating their own character...

The player is confronted with restoring a broken town while being a poor farmer.

People seem a bit harsh towards the farmer, some even blame them for the towns degradation. Upon exploring the game the player finds strange symbolic imagery, sometimes given to them in their dreams by an eerily strange figure.

Through various quests such as restoring the town...

Rebuilding their farm...

Getting married to their favored marriage candidate...

And finding the secret within the mines..

The player restores the once failed town. But a hidden twist leaves the player awaking and finding themselves, old, in their apartment, alone. The player has a heart attack and the game seemingly ends..

A reverse replay of the characters efforts through their farmer experience plays out. Eventually you get back to the apartment, where the player awakens from their sleep, young and with the spouse they married in their dream. They find life might be worth living for and struggle to find a job to pay their rent. From here the player can choose from different starting jobs, and eventually work their way up to more complex jobs, all while maintaining their relationship to their spouse, having kids, choosing from new houses/places to live at, buying new cars, improving their status in the world and possibly solve some major issues confronting the world if they can manage it properly (But be wary, your actions have consequences and choosing the wrong decision can have devastating impacts to everything you've struggled for. Some irreversible.)

Can the player accept the suffering of their life, and find a way to justify their existence? Maybe not.. But maybe the player has the strength accept the suffering of life and take on responsibility for themselves and others. And possibly end the suffering in the world.

This is my game, Reincarnation.


MikeTheBum - Everything excluding plug-ins

GALV - Map Projectiles, Tools, Simple Crops, Event Spawner, Invader Mini Game https://galvs-scripts.com/

MOG - Time System, Time System HUD, Treausure Pop-Up, Footsteps, https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/

SRD - Super Tools Engine, HUDmaker, Character Creator EX, Camera-Core, Character Choices, Collision Checker, http://sumrndm.site/

Yanfly - Core Engine, Message Core, SelfSwVar, Item-Core, Item Synthesis, Region Events, Region Restrictions, Move-Route Core, GabWindow http://yanfly.moe/

SoulPour777 - https://soulxregalia.wordpress.com/

Shaz - Character Offset

HIME - Large Choices http://himeworks.com/mv-plugins/

Big thanks to all plug-in creators.. Without the plugins used here, this game would not be possible. Thank you.

Latest Blog

The biggest update you weren't even ready for.

Whats in this update? Lets get right into the good stuff:

You can now customize your farm layout and place objects wherever you want.
(Did he just say i can have a customizable feature in an RPG Maker game?) You bet i did.

Now looking at this, it looks pretty basic. But having the ability to spawn events into another map and have them saved there permanently is a complete game changer. (Thank god for Galv's plug-ins.) So you can now place paths, fences, houses, barns, pots, etc. anywhere you want on your own farm map. You can choose where you want to place any object on your farm, in RPG MV.

New Water Animation

Yep I changed the water. It looked too translucent to me and wanted to change it. I find this way of styling it feels better. So yeah.


(Ignore the guy on the wall. He's there for testing purposes.)
This was somewhat hard to figure out considering RPG MV's system for placing waterfalls. It has too be pixel perfect to work for RPG MV. So instead i used eventing to make the waterfalls.

Redesigned the layout of world map & Redesigned the art for each map

Looks neat, huh?

Beta version of fall festival complete

It's on its way. Just needed a place holder for a moment.

Set up weather system

Added music system, not complete or completely functional but kinda works

Lily pads and fish shadows


fish shadows

Fish jumping out of water

fish jump

And thats the update.

Overall im excited with this game and look forward too working on it in the future. I think it'll be a fun game. And hopefully a game thats meaningful to the players.

So until next update, i guess. See ya.
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