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You find yourself unhappy with your life. You've always longed for a sense of peace and wholeness but can never quite seem to find it. You want to change your life but can never quite get the spirit to do so... One day your character decides that they can no longer stay stagnant in life. They decide that if they stay the way they are they will remain unhappy, but if they leave they may potentially find wholeness through the action of changing their life. At this point the character is unsure of where to go or what they should do. They've always like the idea of a simplistic life of a small town. So the character decides to move to the small town and start their new life as a farmer. This is where the story begins..

Upon arriving to the town you've noticed it is broken and rundown. The environment is dead and seemingly lifeless. Seeing this makes your character discouraged. The character has a sudden realization that they have no other choice than to continue their life here as they went all in on this farm. You find the strength within you to keep going and make it your objective to restore your farm (and the town) so that you may finally have the life you have always dreamed of. A life of completion and wholeness.

Reincarnation includes simplistic features such as:
Fishing - Mining - Farming - Full customization of player house - Rebuilding NPC Houses - Cooking - Relationships/Marriage of specific NPCs - Character Customization - and a few others..

*Potentially this game could have a minimal combat system and the ability to customize your farm land. (However, these are works in process and I am unable to tell if they will be suitable for the game.)

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