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Join the third entry of the Crimson trilogy, a complete remake of the old Crimson Mind game. The story taking place two years after Crimson Shift.

The story focuses on four characters and their hardships as they face a mystery surrounding the small town they live in. As people start to disappear and their corpses emerge days later, the characters fall into the middle of it all, Trying to survive and overcome their surroundings and their own weaknesses.

Each character will be the protagonist of their own story, as you'll take control of all of them, seeing the story unfold from different perspectives.
You will witness each of them and their hardships as their story folds into the
main narrative.


- Survival horror elements
- Varied gameplay
- Character and story driven gameplay
- Stealthy gameplay
- Dark atmosphere accompanied with a dark story.

Latest Blog

Progress Report #2

I've uploaded all of the main playable cast, I've kept most of the lore out, I'll expand as I update the game more. All the busts I uploaded are subject to complete change, depending on feedback and my tastes.

After the main cast is done in pixel form as well, I'll go onto some more complicated mechanics, and update here about it.
Also I want a proper cover art soon as well, so look forward to that :)


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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This game looks gorgeous <3 Subbed!
This game looks gorgeous <3 Subbed!

I'm glad you like it :)
I hope you'll like what's to come as well. :D
Subbed! Looks fantastic. :)

Much appreciated :)
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