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Progress Report

Progress Report #2

I've uploaded all of the main playable cast, I've kept most of the lore out, I'll expand as I update the game more. All the busts I uploaded are subject to complete change, depending on feedback and my tastes.

After the main cast is done in pixel form as well, I'll go onto some more complicated mechanics, and update here about it.
Also I want a proper cover art soon as well, so look forward to that :)

Progress Report

Progress Report #1

I'm working towards a small demo coming in a month or two, I'll need to make a buttload of graphics, since a lot of the inner mechanics that are already done, just need polishing.
The challenge is the main hub town part since that is going to be in both the final and the demo version. It's the biggest part of the game graphics wise.

As for gameplay and each character having their own gameplay style, you can expect stealth, survival horror hide and seek and a bit of arpg combat. Each of these for a different character. This isn't a long game so each will be made memorable, not in a way that's meant to keep you for 20 hours.(*cough* grinding *cough*)
I'm still figuring out the technical side but at least one of those gameplay mechanics will be in the demo.

Will update more later.
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