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Dev log Pi

Mmmmm, Pi, tasty, I'm alright with this being the last Dev log (hopefully)
Ok, so the game is done! Check out the download button for it!

Good luck in playing!

Progress Report

Dev log Omicron

Ok, ao, I am sooooo close to the end, like, litterally, this will be very short, sorry,
I can't tell much, but quality is a lot better (i hope, it is my first game after all) and I am typing this real quick to basically say, It's almost here! the full game! I also decided it will be free! and none commercail! Sorry for the bad grammer, I am in a rush.

Progress Report

Dev log xi

Hey so, totally didn't forget you exist from how much I've done.
ok,s oso from the top, we are past the 75% part, might barely miss
the summer release approximation, but only by a week or 2, maybe, I am
going my fastest to dev, going even 3 or 4 hours a day.
it's probably why this poset will have the worst grammer in history, Because I am rushed to get back to work, but uh, I cut off two town to speed idevelopment up by a little, they didn't have much meaning away, the last town is in construction,
and so is the last areas, but i also have a lot of bug fixing to do,
so.... give me awhile, OIt's getting close to being finished.

Progress Report

Dev Log Nu

Heyo! back again! that was not very long for this many views....
anyways, let me tell ya'll what I have done:
-Finished some easter eggs and references
-Finished the construction in the next town (super secret though, so i wont say)
-finalized the ending of the story (not finished, but concept is done)
-more encounters with Damion.
-secrets, secrets, and more! also, I have some new beta testers, so atleast I have some protection from bugs I miss.

Progress Report

Dev log Mu

Heyo! a lot has been done! let me explain:
-finished garden wall (for the most part)
-added assistant for damion
-worked on sprites, gbas, etc.
-possibly making an alternate skin for blubird.
-more super secret stuff :)

Progress Report

Dev log Lambda

Hey yall! just checkin up on you!
Wow we hit 3000 views! very nice!
and demo v0.4 came out! check for it in downloads!

Progress Report

Dev log Kappa

Hey guys! howzit! I have done quite a bit:
Construction has started on the reference cafe (long story) and the town
of Garden Wall. and the conculsion on demo V0.4 is starting to be unfolded.

Progress Report

Dev Log Iota

Hey broskis! This is a new Log, except its only a day or so after, but i finished the discord! for the most part! heh. anyways,
https://discord.gg/yvKwgqN <-right here!

Progress Report

Dev log Theta

Hey ya'll! nice to see ya'll again! I've been working hard, here's what I've
-Almost finished up demo v0.4
-almost finished with sprite overhaul.
-fleshed out the story and fixed grammar.
-LOTS OF BUG FIXING, and not the funny ones.
-Started 4th party member,
-finishing up Discord
-music, added one that was finished by TnTdude, and one by me.
Also, page reached 2500 views! Thank you! maybe I'll do something IDK

Progress Report

Dev Log Eta

Heyo! so I have a lot to talk about:
1. complete sprite overhaul! (basically most of my time in development)
2. turns out, there will be a demo 4.0! (woohoo!) but it will be awhile.
3. Discord is almost finished, just a little bit left.
4. holy heck! we reached 2000 views here! didn't think so many cared about this
little project.
5. possibly more photos in images?
6. small help recruited! a friend of mine, goes by TntDude7 as his "alias" name,
will be helping my with music, here is a sample(on my soundcloud, because he doesn't have one that i know of.):
Robotic Chaos
7. also, have a spring break ya'll!
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