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A young warrior, Rok is hiding in a small town. He is the son of a rebel general who opposes the evil tyrant King Granch. A bounty hunter tracks down his father and mortally wounds him, but before he dies, his father instructs Rok to bring together the remaining rebel generals to take down King Granch. However it won't be simple as each general is hiding out in places Granch can't find them. Dangerous places that will be perilous for Rok and his small band of allies to venture into. Rok must set up a base in an abandoned city and gather his forces so that he can invade Gobagov and put an end to King Granch's tyranny.

- Recruit fighters for your battle party with various skills, eg, wizards, thieves, archers. You choose who gets to be in your battle party.
- Level up, promote your battle party members and develop new battle skills and magic.
- No random battles. All monsters/enemies roam the world. You can see them coming and can even avoid some of them.
- Populate and develop your city by recruiting people on your travels, eg merchants, workers. Some may require you to perform tasks before they join you.
- Make governing decisions that will have an effect on your people.
- Travel to numerous towns with amusing themes, like Snobsville, Boozetown, City of Crooks.
- Fight your way through a vast world of caves, forests and dungeons, solving puzzles to help you advance.
- Undertake numerous side quests, which help you gain special items, skills and money. Your quest book helps you keep track of these.

A number of years ago I spent hours and hours developing this humorous RPG game in RPG Maker XP. I spent so much time on it, I don't even want to try to recall just how much. My efforts produced a huge turn-based RPG game with some similarities to the Suikoden series of video games from the 90s.

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Basic Guide

Training – Skill points are needed to be able to gain new skills. These are awarded when you defeat monsters. You can cash these in for new magic/battle skills at your characters’ individual training areas. Some skills you cannot learn until you’ve been promoted. You can keep track of the number of skill points you have by checking out your in game notebook.

Special skills – Most of your characters have their own special skill. For instance, the main hero has stealth skills. The higher the level he reaches, the easier it is to sneak up on certain monsters and kill them from behind. Some monsters require a higher skill to sneak up on. (You can only sneak up on creatures who are not moving. ) Sometimes stealth can be used to sneak past certain people.
Some other characters have their own unique skills, eg, Faith, Crush, Picklock, Eyesight

Walking speed – Your walking speed does start off quite slow, but don’t worry. You can increase this early on by cashing in skill points at the main character's training arena.

Promotions – All your characters can be promoted once, but you will need to be around level 30 to get the promotion. At that point, you will need to re-equip your armour and weapons.

Cassidy – At one point you will reach Cassidy, a town overrun by enemy soldiers but with nobody living there. This will be your base that you can recruit people to reside there. Some people are easy to find and recruit. Others are a little harder and will require tasks performed or items to be found before they will join you. Other characters may require you to be at a certain experience level or have gained some particular skill.
• If you can recruit shopkeepers you will always have the best equipment and items available to purchase (they still have to make a profit)
• You can have a farm where you can grow produce and foster animals.
• You can have a restaurant chef who is able to take things from the farm and create special items for you.
• You can recruit a seer who can give you clues on where everybody is if you are having trouble finding them.


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Hmm I'll have to give this a shot.
Think you might be able to improve the walking speed though?
Not sure if it was on purpose or not but after entering my name, the speed of the character slowed down so much. D:

EDIT: So you can improve walking speed in the warrior guild place, which is nice. Though I second the idea of a FAQ that lets people be aware of various beginner things for the game. It does seem quite nice so far though
I nearly dropped the game in the beginning, because there's no explanation of anything or even an intro. But later I saw the game open up more and more and got hooked (skill learning system, stealth/faith etc system, class promotions, walking speed upgrade etc).

You really need to write a FAQ or something, not even in-game, just here.
For example, what is the formula for skillpoints? I see it's not EXP dependent, I'm guessing it's XX per fight?
What do faith/stealth etc do exactly? I can't get stealth to work on monsters (I opened a chest with Faith check though).

I'm only in Snobsville, so I guess with new classes/characters the questions will be piling up.
Thanks for the feedback. I never even thought of doing an FAQ for it, but you do both raise valid points. I should have probably maybe had some characters in the game give that info or provided books on book shelves for that type of thing.

I shall come up with something and put it up here.
Chess puzzles? Really? That's what I need after a day at work.
At least explain how it works: do I move pieces as I would against an opponent (step by step, following the rules) or just put my pieces wherever to form a checkmate situation?
I'm stuck in the sewers with the switch puzzle. Probably over thinking it. Cant' get past it. Can't find Cliff.
Can you make a basic guide or something? Again I'm Stuck and it seems like you need certain skills for main quest completion, but I don't really understand how the skill points work. It seems to work fine in an area for awhile until you reach a certain level. Its really stalling me, I can get past the bridge in the sewers because of it so I cant get cliff in the party. I'm not sure if i'm supposed to move past snobsville and come back later.
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