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Progress Report

Another Map done

I am happy with result.

Game Design

Another map design

I just finish whole map of this area and wanna show how different between the old design and new.
I prefer the old pixel though...because it used to be 8 frame.
However comparing with my laziness I guess the new walking chibi is not that bad.. only 3 frames lol.

Progress Report

Get back to project

Hello there, please let me say something about this project first. :)

I start making this game sine 2017 but some accident happen and all of my files gone. I tried to bring old files back but most of all are unusable and that's make me very sad. Then I stop doing everything about this project.

In 2019, I get back to this project again. I've re-write some story details, draw many walking pixel character and draw some maps and then I pause this project again in a middle of the year because art-block issue and English translation problem. (my Eng is not that strong, you see.)

In 2020, I tried my best to continue this project again with a lot of friends supporting me along this long way. Thanks a lot to all and for someone that still looking to see more of my work but didn't show yourself. And finally I've found someone that will help me translate my bad English to be better English now lol. Hopefully to show more progress here from now on.

Right now I am doing many re-draw stuff such as map and character portrait. I will try to show some of them from time to time.

♦ Character Design Development:
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