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Ai is a young sickly girl that lives with her overprotective father. Many rooms in the house won’t open, and when her father Jugo is not around she’s locked in her room with just her "imaginary" friend Bosco for company. She believes that her father’s strict behavior is out of concern for her health, but one day she discovers something which changes her mind. During her quest to find the main door key she learns that she has very little time to leave before it’s too late…

-Game heavily story-centered
-Short gameplay (less than 1h for a 100% completion)
-Graphics 100% custom made
-3 endings
-Animated ending (true ending)

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness- is a reboot of the famous/infamous Toraware no Shoujo - Caged Girl- released in 2015.

We always regretted the fact that the delicate issue of abuse wasn’t handled properly in the game, and this generated lot of criticism about our project. Another problem was the extremely broken English that ruined the overall gaming experience. Amazingly, even with all these issues and its very short and linear gameplay, the game became extremely popular. On YouTube you can find lots of gameplay in different languages, and we are now up to 25,000 downloads (and counting!). All this love has convinced us to give the story another shot.

Please, don't judge it just for it predecessor, give us a chance!

Author's note:
If you don't know the previous TnS, we sincerely recomend you to not play it.

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Congrats to Uma Tenshi on releasing Toraware no Shoujo's reboot!
I've just cleared all the endings, I totally recommend you to play this game!
Congrats to Uma Tenshi on releasing Toraware no Shoujo's reboot!
I've just cleared all the endings, I totally recommend you to play this game!

Thank you so much! This reboot means a lot for us, we're glad that you liked it =)
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Wow. Wasn't expecting this. I'll give it a whirl when I get the chance
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Enjoying this quite a lot more than the original so far. Definetly gonna drop a review once I'm done. Just a quick note, a walkthrough would be really handy because I'm already stuck (after exiting dad's room following the second storybook section)

(edit: nevermind found a key i was missing)

Also, here's every grammar, spelling and punctuation issue I've been able to catch so far. There's probably a couple I missed, these were just the most obvious.

"So, she spent her days in that sort of golden cage" -> "So, she spent her days in a sort of golden cage"
"and the girl said a last wisper before opening the door" -> wisper should be whisper
"I was working on my fairy tale daddy" -> comma after tale
"Yes... It would be amazing" -> It should be that
"Daddy has to work to the hospital tonight" -> has to work at the hospital
"But when you'll wake up" -> "But when you wake up"
"Do you really need to go daddy" -> comma after go
"I'll do pancakes for you" -> "I'll make pancakes for you"
"Well, that sets everything up then my lady" -> comma after then
"I'm 12 already I'm not a kid anymore" -> comma after already
"best thief and adventurer of the world" -> in the world
"I'm sorry okay?" -> comma after sorry
"Can't stay mad with you" -> can't stay mad at you

Note in garden:
"for the first time, make me feel safe" -> makes me feel safe

"Can I know your name miss?" -> comma after name

Entering dad's room:
"He's not gonna hate you for so little" -> for something so little
"You don't want to know something more about your mommy?" -> know a little more about
"Who gets into my room?" -> "Who came into my room?"
"The storm is too strong so I came back for you" -> comma after strong
"Did she... left me?" -> leave me
"I haven't close a few doors" -> haven't closed

Second story book section:
"I'm sure that my lovely princess is talking with someone recently... today I'll discover who he is! I'll make her talk, or else I'll definetly cut her wings away!" -> has been talking to someone recently, I'll find out who he is, I'll definetly cut her wings off
"We need to investigate about it" -> We need to investigate more about this
"We'll discover what is happening here" -> We'll find out what is happening here
"A thought couldn't stop bothering her" -> A thought wouldn't stop
"Probably he has already closed the door for the back garden" -> He has probably already closed
"He'll be on us" -> He'll be onto us
"We'll find some more mom's diary pieces" -> Some more of mom's diary pieces

edit 2: Just finished with all three endings. Definetly a step up. Granted, I had my issues, but I'll get to that in the review. Here's the rest of the grammar issues I was able to find;

"Your couch is really comfy Jugo" -> comma after comfy
"and you' re helping me so much" -> there shouldn't be space after you
"you' re a good girl" -> same thing
"you can' t show your face, can' t find a job" -> again, same thing
"you' ll stay here until you don' t have enough money to move away from this city" -> same thing, also should be "you have enough money to move away" not "you don't"
"Please don't cry, you' re way prettier when you smile" -> I'm just gonna stop pointing these out now, I think you get the point
"A secret, she doesn't say which one it is" -> She doesn't say what it is
cute how Bosco and Ai literally go different ways in the ending

other flashback:
"this diary entry reveal that everything started a long time ago" -> reveals that
"what the hell he wants from you" -> what the hell does he want from you
"daddy is sick to play hide and seek" -> sick of playing hide and seek

after getting diary from dad's room:
"Yes... it's all right don't worry" -> all right should be alright and there should be a comma after it

at the front door:
"why you say?" -> why, you ask?
"your very existence make me happy" -> makes me happy

"He yell at me like my mother" -> yells at me
"I've been misfortune my whole life, but I won't be caged forever" -> "My entire life has been filled with misfortune, but I won't be caged forever"
"this little life that is secretely growing in my belly" -> secretly. Secrete is something different entirely, and a whole lot more gross than a secret.

true end:
"I come here to say goodbye" -> came here to say goodbye
"It's not easy even for me" -> comma after easy
"you're mother didn't understood me" -> your mother did not understand me
"i thought about something important for mommy" -> "I thought," I should be capitalized
"you where the strong one" -> were the strong one, not where
"you have a great talent princess" -> you have great talent, princess (add comma and remove "a")
"Here it's all done" -> comma after here
"you remember me of someone I knew" -> you remind me of

Thanks for correcting the grammar issues for us Frogge! We still lack a proofreader in our duo so we always need to rely on english-speaker player >.<
Apologize for the walkthrough, we thought the game was easy enough to not create much struggle, but this is not the first time we received this complain so I'll try to create one ASAP.
Overall, I'm very happy that you found it an improvement.
Toraware is, for better or worse, our most famous work, finally we have an edition that we don't need to be ashamed of.
I'm glad to see a reboot for this game, congrats! I just finished it and I really enjoyed it~
I got the true ending and the mad one, so I was wondering how can I get the other one.
I'm glad to see a reboot for this game, congrats! I just finished it and I really enjoyed it~
I got the true ending and the mad one, so I was wondering how can I get the other one.

For the bad ending, simply don't read the diary and leave the room, there will be the same chasing events but the outcome of the dialogues will be different :)
This was waaayyy better than the original one, good job!! Bel lavoro!!
This was waaayyy better, good job!!

Thank you so much!
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