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Progress Report

July 15th, 2019

And we're back with another substantial update. Work's done for the summer, commissions have gone out for new art, and we're getting stuff done!

First and foremost, we have a few major changes to announce.

New Characters
Our dear Osa, also known in house as Mr. Generic McFace has been fired from his old job of being the hero of this tale. We always wanted a custom character but thanks to dsiver's hard work in getting the plugin updated, and bis1994's hard work in getting some cool new custom art done, we can finally announce that Osagai will have 3 playable characters.

While we don't have their names settled, feel free to simply call them Red, Blue, and Yellow in the meantime. These three new characters fight at the same time, and that means each has their own unique deck of (currently 15) cards to use in combat. Since none of them are locked to a class to speak (despite appearances), you can customize and build them to your heart's content.

On the Overworld, you can choose which of the three to play as and can change this decision at any time. We are currently looking into making this a simple menu option.

Enhanced Combat
With three characters, comes an even greater combat system. Now that you have a total of 3 decks to work with (currently 15 cards each for a total of 45 cards), we've been able to design cards meant to interact with the other characters.

Each of our heroes begins the game with a single Action per turn, but you're free to choose the order in which your party acts. After resolving your party's attacks, then you can pass the turn to the opposition.

On top of that, dsiver has also done some great work in making the plugin compatible with Yanfly Battle, meaning we get lots of neat utility and options.

Community Designs: Monsters and Cards
As you may have heard, we're reserving a special area in the game currently called the Ring of Teeth and Claws. It serves as the typical Arena encountered in many a JRPG game and houses a vast array of encounters to test your heroes with beyond the main story.

We wanted to do something special, so beyond being a home for the encounters we've designed that have no room in the main story, we want to open the Arena up to the community.

While we aren't ready to accept them yet, as we near release, we'll release a submission form that allows any community member to submit a monster that can be faced in the arena.

On top of that, rewards for defeating said monsters will be in the form of cards designed by the community as well. Currently the Arena monsters we've designed give cards that give shout outs to popular RPG Maker games, or ones that we've played in the past and enjoyed.

So stay tuned for more, just know that it's coming!

Progress Report

February 11th, 2019

Recent Progress and Updates​
:: Completed 11/100 Overworld Screens as well as Dungeon 0 - Cartomancer's Crypt. There's still some placeholder events while we work on making cutscenes, but those require new sprites that we haven't completed yet.​
:: Combat is now functional, and the first series of cards have been added to the game. A few examples are shown below. The card layout is still subject to change, but we like how they look at the moment.​
:: Reworked map transitions. To avoid having to make dozens of events per page, a single parallel process event per map handles all transitions.​
:: Added most of the opening/introductory dialogue and cutscenes.​

What's Next?​
:: Getting the introductory area polished, adding new cards to the starting line up, and getting some additional options for the Card Battle plugin.​
:: We're in talks with getting someone to work on the Soundtrack too!​

::We're considering giving the community the chance to design some cards, but we'll talk more about that at a later date!​

Progress Report

February 8th, 2019

February 8th, 2019

Recent Progress and Updates
:: Added a custom map transition and textbox using pictures and Yanfly's Extended Message Plugin.
:: Reworked combat placeholders to include the Console.
:: Completed Interior and Exterior Tilesets!
:: Added respawning Plants and Pots to Dungeons and Overworld. Pots are too heavy to break without a Key Item, while Plants can’t be cut down until you find the Enchanted Deck of Cards. Both have a small chance of dropping an item, and an even rarer chance of dropping a Card.
:: Finished our first area of the Overworld. We'd have liked to be further along, but we ended up doing a lot of Quality improvements these past 3 days instead.
::We've updated some of the images in the first post to reflect the changes (Combat) as well as adding the "Overworld Tracker" to see how far along we are!

What's Next?
:: Progressing on the Overworld; hopefully we'll have many more maps done and finally reach the first Tutorial Dungeon.
:: We're searching for MIDI and 8-bit sound effects for the game as well.
:: As with the RPG Maker Forums, we aim to provide feedback on our progress every 72h.
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