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"The sun was just rising when you and the members of your party arrived to the town of Rhein. You all have heard rumors about the problems the kingdom was facing; heartless bandits assaulting travelers on the roads, terrible monsters ravaging villages and even the God Patriarch, Radaos, going missing from the Heavenly Peak...! But... Rhein, still, seemed to be bustling with much activity.

Turning your head, you glanced at your companions, knowing the great adventure you were all longing for was about to begin...!"

※ Game Information ※

GeaSaga is a somewhat traditional role-playing game with some Japanese and western influences. It shares the same setting as Heroic Tale and Flesh, my previous projects, but it focuses a bit more on worldbuilding elements rather than dungeons and is intentionally much more lighthearted in nature. My major aim was to (hopefully) create an uncomplicated but entertaining adventure getting a bit of help from the player's imagination.

From the go, you get four characters representing some archetype in your team. You will explore and discover new areas, gather hints, complete tasks, find treasures and then move onto new and more exciting challenges. I tried not to put much emphasis on hand-holding and, although there's a proper ending and some over-arching plot, it's not heavy on narrative and you are not required, for the most part, to complete every single quest.

Much of the inspiration behind this project came from the era of Japanese home computers like PC-88 or FM-7 so, as a personal challenge and in order to make the game as inaccessible as possible, I decided to use RPG Maker 95, which is basically ANCIENT by today's standard but represents very well the spirit I was aiming for. This will probably put some people off and test way to much the patience of some players but, in many aspects, I worked on ease the frustration that could originate from the clunkiness of the engine as much as I was able to!

※ Game Characters ※

Weapon Style: Sword & Shield
Armor Type: Cloth, Leather, Chain

The <Gladiator> is an all-around adventurer able to use many types of equipment. After reaching high enough level, he will also learn <Enchanter> spells, although at a slower rate.

Weapon Style: Axe
Armor Type: Any

As a veteran man-at-arms, the <Battler> excels at melee damage and can also equip any type of weapon or armor available. He can't, however, cast magic spells.

Weapon Style: Magic Wand
Armor Type: Cloth

The <Enchanter> specializes on casting devastating magic spells. In exchange, his weapon and armor selection is rather limited compared to other characters.

Weapon Style: Mace
Armor Type: Cloth, Leather, Chain

Although he's able to use blunt weapons and can equip many types of armor, the <Vicar> shines at assisting the party with his healing and supportive magic spells.

※ Game Features ※

  • Travel the Kingdom of Cirhena at your own leisure!

  • Complete quests, battle monsters and find treasures as you built your initial party of four characters.

  • Two optional and not-so-secret allies to recruit to your team.

  • Step into dangerous mazes where unheard creatures guard mystical secrets!

  • Music score taken from TK.Projects' "8bit Fantasy RPG Tracks".

  • Average Play Time: 5 ~ 6 Hours

※ Gameplay Video ※

Latest Blog

FULL VERSION - Available Now!

So, with great pleasure, I'm happy to announce GeaSaga has been finally completed and released! This has been a really, really strange development trip... and RPG Maker 95 awkwardness is mostly the one to blame, but hey! A long time "dream" fulfilled.

I didn't, at all, think it would become such a long game, either! At least for someone who's previous works were much more smaller in scope.


Thank you all of you who supported the project and those who played it or are planning to give it a chance. ^^ I'll be looking forward to read your thoughts!!

Although the game will start up in fullscreen, you can (and I strongly recommend) play it in windowed mode by selecting "Screen Mode" in the System option of the main menu (that you can access by pressing ESC, like in any other RPG Maker game that I'm aware) This will prevent some graphic glitches on Windows Systems post XP.

As this game is made on a reaaally old engine, you will likely get an error the first time you run the game on Windows 10. If that's the case, try launching Windows 10 Compatibility Mode. That sorted it on my end.

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  • kainworks
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  • 02/05/2019 04:05 PM
  • 05/28/2020 10:38 PM
  • 02/01/2020
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I haven't noticed the demo till now. Good luck releasing Saga this year.
I haven't noticed the demo till now. Good luck releasing Saga this year.

I've been rebalacing a bit the early sections after releasing the demo but mostly everything on it will be the same. Too bad saves won't be compatible without glitching some stuff, that's why I haven't updated it yet, in hopes of releasing the whole thing.

Thanks Cap! I'll definitely need that bit of luck, ^^
I guess that's an issue with the compressed file not being able to run under windows 98, ironically.
Have you tried running the game directly from your OS, instead of using any virtual machine?

I tested on Win7 and Win10 and it worked! But every computer is like a different world, ^^
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