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Version 1.7 Release Notes

Version 1.7 is out and available to play. After having several testers do a playthrough, I think I finally figured out what was causing my game to crash on so many people. I removed that certain plugin and made all the necessary adjustments. This is, by far, my biggest update yet, and it will also be my last (unless a major bug or glitch is reported). I am finally moving on to my next project :-)


-Plugin's Added:
*Crafting System by Julian "Szyu" Heinen
*Save Core by Yanfly

-Balance & Reworks:
*Alchemist Set added to Lady Claudia & Lord Thadrick's Manor
*Added more campfires & save locations
*Increased amount of vendor junk drops off enemies
*Corrected YEP Plugin order for better performance
*Grammatical corrections to some dialogue boxes
*Lessened amount of plant monsters along the Royal Highway
*Willowbrook mob rework and how villagers turn during combat
*Fixed a bug with the Silver Necklace Quest
*Fixed a bug with colored robe scene in Cathedral of Bhakul
*Fixed a bug with Maddy at Crossroads Inn
*Fixed a bug with the timed door at The Crypt of Ancients

-New Additions:
*Updated title screen with a new font
*Brand new studio logo (Gray Bard Entertainment) & splash screen
*New "BURNING" status effect added

-Skill & Spell Updates:
*Fizrahn's Flame Burst has a chance to inflict BURNING
*Fizrhan's Mystic Bolt has a chance to STUN
*NEW healing ability for Kitrashusara - "Invigorating Lunge"
*NEW healing ability for Sir Edwin - "Determination"


Version 1.7 Coming Soon!

I've had some people testing my game and GOOD NEWS! I finally figured out what was causing the frequent crashes. It was a plugin that hadn't been updated by the author for awhile, so it was conflicting with the game/other plugins. Not sure on the exact reason, but I figured it was best to just take it out completely.

My testers found a couple other minor bugs to fix, so I am going to correct those. Waiting on one more person to finish playing, and I'll make all necessary corrections and post the FINAL update. And then it's off to working on the sequel again :-)

I'll post another blog once the new version is released.

Progress Report

What's Going On?

Well, what's going on, you ask? You know when you create a game in RPG Maker, test it 20,000 times, think it's good and then post it for all to play? And then people report bugs and issues... so you release more versions and updates. Then... you think it's good, wait about a year, decide to play your game again... STILL FIND STUFF WRONG WITH IT?! LOL Well, my short game I've been talking about is on a brief hold (I'm sorry), and I'm working on my FINAL update for Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God.

I have a lot of fixes going into this, including...

  • New alchemy set using the crafting plugin by Szyu.

  • Updated "Definitive Edition" title screen.

  • New studio logo (see below).

  • Updated class abilities and re-balanced combat a bit.

  • Grammatical corrections to some of the dialogue.

  • Lessened the number of monsters on a few of the maps.

  • Quite a few bug fixes (YES... still had some LOL)

Another final update I'll be doing to combat is giving some of Fizrahn's elemental spells more of a purpose. Right now, most people use Flame Burst and completely ignore the others (unless they're up against an enemy weak against that particular element). Below are some of his spell updates:

  • Flame Burst now has a % chance to apply BURNING.

  • Mystic Bolt now has a % chance to STUN.

  • Seismic now damages the entire enemy party.

I'm also excited to announce that my best friend that's responsible for my title screen and Gray Bard Entertainment logo is also working on an animated splash screen for me.

Once I re-test ToY: The Dragon God and finish my final update... I'll start working on my short story project. Then after that... it's back to working on Tales of Yuria 2. I put that project on hold for a short time until I get more custom art made. I'm very excited to start sharing that with everyone :-)

Well, figured I'd check in so anyone following the progress knows I haven't disappeared or stopped working on my projects. I'm simply horrible at meeting deadlines and get distracted on other projects... bouncing back and forth between them :-)

Just a few fun additions:

AND... the new logo for Gray Bard Entertainment designed by my dear friend...

Progress Report

Epic Quest Edition: Hiatus?!

"OMG, AeroFunk! Where have the updates been? Why has this new Epic Quest Edition not been uploaded? What is taking you so long? Did you go on some sort of hiatus?" :-)

No. I am still working on it. However; what I've decided to do is make this it's own stand-alone game. Basically, a short-story that will take place between this game and my sequel. My goal is to get some custom artwork done for a title screen and then post my game page soon.

Why is it taking so long, though? Well... (and I said this in my last update)... I may have over-complicated it, and I'm too stubborn to change anything to make it easier. I'm sticking with my original plan.

At one point, in my new game, you have the opportunity to break your party up into two groups. You decide who's staying behind and who will be joining which group. That's been some pretty crazy scripting (the way I'm doing it). Is it working? Yes. Is it time consuming, though? Yes. Not only am I figuring out how to break the party up and have them form the two different groups properly... I'm also needing to script out various cut scenes, with conditional branches, dependant on who's in those groups.

For example... say your first group is Kit, Tia and Rory. Well, I need to make sure Fizrahn or someone else, that isn't in that party, doesn't speak during a cut-scene. So I'm mapping out my conditional branches, writing a script that works/flows well and testing to make sure no errors or bugs exist.

Essentially, it's two different parts of the dungeon you'll be sending two parties through, each with their own objective to ultimately achieve one main goal, and then they'll all form up again for the final part.

Keep in mind... I have a Discord Server now, and I want to start posting more updates there. Feel free to join and stop in to say hi or follow the progress on my games more closely. You can chat with me during development :-) Feel free to join via the link below.

Also, I'm very excited to announce that someone is doing a Let's Play for Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God. If you'd like to check that out, you can do so in the link below.


I'll be sure to post on here once the game page is up for my NEW GAME. Thanks for being patient and keeping up on the progress :-)

Progress Report

Epic Quest Edition #3

Well, it's been over 30 days since my last update, which goes against my plan to do one of these every 2 weeks :-) And I wish I had good news but... well... let's say it this way: I wish I had GREAT news, but I don't. I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news... I haven't done much with the update. Life happens, and I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends. I also made the mistake of buying a ton of games off Steam because of their winter sale, and I've been playing those, which has been a huge distraction from my project.

The good news... the holidays are officially over (thank god)! And all my games on Steam have been purchased and played. I started working on RPG Maker again last night and really got into it. I missed it, so I've rekindled some much needed motivation. :-D

That doesn't mean I accomplished nothing over the last 30 days, though. I did create another party member. This means there will be TWO new party members: Rory and a mysterious women they find deep within the crypt. I also balanced out the battles a bit and created more skills/abilities for Rory and the new party member.

I also, possibly, over-complicated things. At first this was going to be a linear dungeon that focused on story, then I was like, "Well, that's not Tales of Yuria. There needs to be choices and consequences for those decisions." Well, I may have gotten ahead of myself, and being the person I am... instead of cutting things out and making it easier on myself... I crave the challenge. So I'm plugging away. Program, test, fix, test, fix, test, program the next part... repeat.

I'll try to stay more consistent with my blog updates on here. This new game version will happen. I've put a lot of work into it already, so scraping the project is out of the question for me. It's just not going to be released during the timeframe I initially set for myself. For those that do follow my blogs and plan on playing the updated version, thanks for being so patient. :-)

If you have any questions-don't hesitate to ask. Also... I now have a Discord server that's severely lacking members LOL Feel free to join and stop in to say hello and show your support, ask questions and get more frequent updates on the progress of my game.

Discord Server: Tales of Yuria


*NEW* Discord Server

I just started my Discord server for Tales of Yuria. Feel free to stop in to say hello, ask questions and get frequent updates as I work on my new content.

I'll also post screenshots and artwork for Tales of Yuria 2 once I start working on that again :-)

Hope to see you there!

Discord Server: Tales of Yuria

Progress Report

Epic Quest Edition Update #2

Sorry for the double post. I meant to edit this post, and I accidently hit back and re-submitted the post as a new one.

Here we are, two weeks later, with another update. I am still plugging away at the new dungeon and story. Unfortunately, November is the busy season at my job, so I haven't gotten much done since my last update. The good news-work has slowed down, and I'm no longer swamped. I can start to put more attention on my game. However; that doesn't mean I did nothing since my last blog update. Below are some of the areas I've worked on:


I've completed all cut scenes leading up to the discovery of the mausoleum, along with the first major change to story event that will impact how the opening will progress. Two different outcomes can happen right at the very beginning.

Why am I calling it a Change to Story Event instead of a choice? Well, that's because you're not going to be faced with a choice in terms of a dialogue box popping up and asking, "How would you like to proceed." The change of story event will happen based on the actions you take as the player. You might not even realize the story has the potential to change UNLESS you play through it twice :-)


I'm excited to announce you will officially be able to play Rory (Kit's partner in life and work). While he's a rogue, as well, he comes equipped with a different weapon and skills. I have spent time coming up with his new skills and animations.

In addition to creating a new party member and starting skills, I have also revamped Sir Edwin and Kitrashusara's skills.

  • All skills now have updated and revamped animations

  • Fixed DEF Buff and Debuff skills that didn't apply correctly

  • Buffed Tia's healing spells to accommodate the level changes


My last update I said I was about 40% done. I would say I'm about 45% done now LOL Yes, not a lot has happened since my last update. However, now that work has slowed, I will be focusing a lot more on this and plan to have a much higher percentage of completion by my next update.


  • Continue with Mausoleum of the Gods

  • Twitter and Instagram account

  • Discord server for more frequent updates and chat


For those that follow my page and read my blogs--thank you :-) I love that you're still coming around and (hopefully) looking forward to my new update and content. Once I finish with this, it's back to Tales of Yuria 2! I'm hoping to also get that page up soon so you can all follow the progress on that, as well.

Thanks again and happy gaming (playing or creating)! :-)

Progress Report

Epic Quest Edition Update

It's been a little over a month since I announced the new Tales of Yuria: Epic Quest Edition, and I figured it was time to give everyone a little update with the progress.

The one thing I realized, after posting my initial announcement, was the comment I made about how there will be no choices in The Mausoleum of the Gods. After working through the scripting of the dialogue, I had to remind myself what most loved so much about my game-the choices and how what you say/do impacts the dungeon itself. After much consideration, I have decided to add some choices that will switch up how this new dungeon will play out.

As for the percentage of completion, I'd say I'm about 40% done. I have the first map finished, along with several cut scenes, including one gauntlet-style-battle scripted out. Many people loved the gauntlet leading up to the Crypt of Ancient's boss battle and the Eastern Tower Defense side quest in the Dark Forest, so I'm excited to announce I've added another (with plans for a second) in the new dungeon.

Since I'm adding choices and several different paths, it will take a bit longer than initially planned. The goal is, however, to post a new update every several weeks until it's released. :-)


The Crypt of Ancients has always been a place of mystery for the people of Ostragen. An old Delkin Ra site lost in time and a reminder of the people that came before them. Yet, who were the ancient Delkinians? The extent of this knowledge has been pieced together at their many sites, but little is still known about their history and culture.

Nestled in Tyrfall Forest, this archaic resting place of Delkin Ra is the next location being restored by the Ancient Conservation Order, an organization established by King Rilyn with the sole purpose of restoring these ancient sites and learning more about their ancestors.

However; many believe King Rilyn's goal to be a selfish endeavor, as opposed to one of scholarly intent. He continues to instruct the Ancient Conservation Order to dig deeper and deeper, so determined to uncover more, that the lives of this order have been put at risk. Men and women of the restoration team have started to come up missing with no clear signs of their disappearances.

It is here that King Rilyn has instructed his most trusted bounty hunter, Kitrashusara, to investigate these strange vanishings and deal with the criminal behind them. With Fizrahn, Tia and Rory at his side, Kitrashusara must venture to the Crypt of Ancients and solve this strange mystery of the missing workers. Will he prove successful? Or will this quest lead to more nefarious affairs?


Revisit the first dungeon Sir Edwin, Kitrashusara and Fizrahn encountered but with some minor changes.

Explore a brand new crypt, recently renovated into a museum, and meet a brand new cast of colorful characters.

Learn more about the gods of ancient Delkin Ra, and how their influence shaped and molded their people.

A brand new gauntlet-styled battle that forces the party to split up in various groups to overcome a challenging task.

New enemies, every class skill and a brand new party member, Rory, to take on the perils of the new dungeon.


Coming Soon!

I'll be releasing another patch for Tales of Yuria with some fixes to a few bugs, glitches and scripting errors that have been reported. However; with this update I'm also very excited to announce the *NEW* EPIC QUEST EDITION.

Embark on one final quest with Kitrashusara and his band of merry-followers as they venture forth to uncover the truth about the ancient civilizations and people that came before them.

This new content will take place years after you defeat Cinder, and will follow the current ending of the game. And don't worry-for those of you that already played and beat the game, you will have the option to start this new content without playing the entire game again.

Keep in mind, since this will be the true ending to my game, and your adventure will not continue after, there won't be any choices. The final dungeon, "The Mausoleum of the Gods" will be a pretty linear dungeon that focuses on story, but you'll learn more about Yurian Lore, plus this will help pave the way to Tales of Yuria 2!

  • More humor and wit as the party continues to banter and argue

  • Updated characters and battlers with a few new abilities for each

  • Better scripting and cut scenes (I've learned a few things ;-)

I'm also very excited to feature a brand new song composed for Tales of Yuria by one of our communities member's: pianotm

So make sure you Subscribe and be on the lookout for my next blog and NEW download! I'm very excited to share this new edition and story with everyone! :-)


Yet Another Question :-)

Well... 7 months have passed since Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God went up on RMN. Roughly 23,000 views, over 500 downloads and 6 versions later, I'm finally posting the blog I've been wanting to write. Or should I say the question I've been wanting to ask (for those interested in answering it, of course).

Did you start playing Tales of Yuria and never finish? Sometimes life just happens, or you get busy on your own project. That happens to me all the time.

However; was there a reason you stopped playing based on the game itself? Did you lose interest in the story? Do you feel gameplay was unbalanced? Too many bugs/crashes? Was combat or puzzles too difficult (or easy)? Did you start it up, make it 10 minutes into my intro and go, "Good lord... I'm DONE. Is this a video game, or a movie?!" LOL

Not to sound like a broken record, but I will be posting my page for Tales of Yuria 2 very soon. My goal is to have it up and ready for people to follow and comment on in about a month. I then plan on putting up a (VERY) early access DEMO to play within 3-4 months, so now is your chance to really give me feedback, because I can potentially work it into my next game. :-)

As always... thanks again, very happy I found this community, and I look forward to meeting new and interesting people. You can comment on here, or you can send me a private message, as well. I'm quite active and check my messages often. I should be able to respond quickly.
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