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Yurian Lore & Knowledge

Below is a quick reference guide to better explain the lore behind the world of Yuria and the people/creatures that inhabit it. Not only will this information serve you well in Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God, but it'll help pave the way for Tales of Yuria 2:

Yuria: The world in which everyone resides. There are three large continents named after the kingdoms and empires that rule them: Ostragen, Yurl and Deshi Ratik. Tales of Yuria takes place on Ostragen.

Sardonia: Capital city of The Kingdom of Ostragen and King Darin's seat of power.

Tyrfall Forest: The largest forest in all of Ostragen and where Tales of Yuria takes place. Some common locations: The Crossroads Inn, Cathedral of Bhakul, Larrenburg, Willowbrook and The Crypt of Ancients.

The Divine Order: The most prominent and influential religion in all of Yuria. While the kaeta and ba'rul have their own religion that a great deal still practice in their homeland, The Divine Order has converted many to their ways, making it the only religion in the world to be practiced by all three races.

Delkin Ra: An ancient civilization that was decimated by The Dragon God during his last Awakening. While some delkinians survived after The Dragon God slumbered once again, this ancient civilization and people never fully recovered and eventually died off.

The Thesirian: A great cathedral and seat of power for The Divine Order. Located in Sardonia.

Prestorius University: The largest magic university in Yuria and where a majority of spell wielders from the various schools of magic attend.

Goblins, gnolls, trolls and orcs are just a few of the many mortal races that inhabit the world, but there are three Yuria considers to be "civilized" races: norlanders, ba'rul and kaeta.

Norlander: The race of human men and women with rounded ears and fair features. Originally from the northern lands of snow and ice, the norlanders conquered their way south and have become the dominate race of Yuria.

Ba'rul: A massive race that primarily inhabits the desert regions to the south. They have dark skin and eyes with horns that protrude from their head. They're the largest race in Yuria and tend to be referred to as savages and barbarians.

Kaeta: Also known as, "The People to the East." They inhabit the savage jungles and swamps that most norlanders and ba'rul refuse to reside. They have fair skin and pointed ears with vibrant hair colors.

Delkinians: The people of ancient Delkin Ra are direct ancestors to norlanders. They contained the same features and physical attributes, but records indicate they possessed a much more adept level of magical abilities and powers. The delkinian's died off long ago.

The Ancient Ones: Also known as The Ancients, not much is documented about the race that predates the Delkinians. The only known knowledge is that The Ancients resided in Yuria long ago and are the cause of The Great Fog, a cataclysmic event that almost destroyed Yuria. They are the last known immortal race to exist before the "Demise of Immortals."

More lore & knowledge to come...