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Testing Another Version

I'm still hearing that my game is shutting down on people for no reason, which is typically due to a memory leak and the fact my game is a soul devouring leech that wants to suck all of your memory away while playing :-)

I found a plugin that's supposed to help with this, but instead of adding it to my game and then putting out another version... simply to discover the plugin didn't help with anything, I have someone trying out my TEST Version.

If you're playing, and the game is crashing on you, please send me a Private Message. I'll send you the Dropbox Link to my TEST Version. If you don't mind trying that out and letting me know if it still crashes, that would be extremely helpful, and I'd love you forever :-) If it stops the crashing (praying for this), I'll be putting up a new version for future downloads.

If you're interested... PM me and I'll send you the link. :-)