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Version 1.6 Coming Soon (Biggest Update Yet)

I want to make sure I create a game that everyone can enjoy. When I initially created Tales of Yuria, I wanted to make something challenging, where you have to manage your resources and possibly die, starting over at your last save point to do it over again. However; I'm now realizing that, with the number of games available, and the frustrating aspects of my game--who's going to actually suffer through that and keep playing? I need to focus on story and creating a game that's fun and slightly challenging for everyone. I plan on fixing that with a major update schedule to be posted this Saturday, 3/16. IF you're playing my game and have additional feedback, please let me know, and I'll be more than happy to consider it in the update (assuming you send it to me in time). Here's what you all can expect in v1.6:

-DASH WILL BE ENABLED! :-) I'm finally caving. It'll be added.

-Starting a new game will now have 3 options:
1) Original 20 Minute Introduction: Cutscenes, character dialogue and how it was originally meant to be
2) Quick 5 Minute Storybook Intro: No cutscenes; just an explanation and pictures for those who want to dive in quickly
3) Skip Intro: Already watched or played--skip completely and start at the inn with Sir Edwin and Kit

1) There will be an optional tutorial on healing located at the inn
2) Red Herbs will heal more HP
3) Alchemy Set will be upstairs from the start to create potions right away.
4) You will be given a fishing rod in Larrenburg so you can fish immediately. Salmon can be cooked at a campfire to restore party's HP & MP to full.

-Campfires no longer require FIRE POWDER! Fire Powder will still be needed to light braziers.

-Amount of gold received when selling loot items will be increased.

-TP Cost of Skills will be reduced so you can use them in battle more!

-Some mapping & BGM corrections will be made in opening intro:
1) Fixing the janky looking tower (thanks to Unity's suggestion) :-)
2) Removing Disney music and adding new BGM. Wasn't a good idea to have this, even if it's a non-commercial game. Wasn't expecting so many to play my game LOL

Reminder: If you've already played, or if you have any additional suggestions that I didn't mention above... let me know ASAP. I'll consider putting them in my next update.

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