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Version 1.6:

-Brand new splash screen featuring my Old School logo

-DASH has finally been enabled :-)

-Starting a new game will now have 3 options:
1) Original 20 Minute Intro
2) Quick 2 Minute Storybook Intro
3) Skip Intro

1) There's now an NPC at the inn that gives an optional tutorial on healing.
2) Red Herbs heal more HP
3) Alchemy Set is now upstairs and available right from the start
4) The fisherman in Larrenberg gives you a free fishing pole now
5) Tia's Clerics Touch and Gods' Embrace heals have been strengthened

-Campfires no longer require Fire Powder to light.
-Fire Powder is still needed to light braziers.

-Amount of gold received when selling loot items has been increased.

-TP Cost of Skills has be reduced.

-Other Corrections:
1) Fixed the tower in the introduction story to have more detail
2) Removed Disney music from one of the opening scenes
3) Made opening dialogue white to make it easier to read
4) Description of Mystic Bolt has been changed to Single Enemy
5) Credits updated with new "Thanks"

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