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Fun, fun, and even more fun !!!!

  • Tsuba
  • 06/27/2019 06:04 PM
let me begin by : I had a lot of fun.
Like, really.

Story :
The story begins as a very common one (the knight going on a journey to defeat a dragon and save his princess) and yet...you'll find out it's complelty original, most likely before the end of the intro.
Intro who is a little long (bad point) but who sets the tone for the game : it's quirky, and it's full of humor.
Do NOT let yourself be discouraged by the lenght of the intro.
It's really worth the try.

And yet, even if it's totally absurd, the story makes sense and is never incoherent.
Kudos for that.

The gameplay :
We're here on a basic system of RPG, it's working, it's efficient.
We get a little tutorial for newbies, but it's quickly done, you won't get bored.
We're learning new capacities through books or rolls, we can do some alchemy to make potions and avoid being ripped off having to buy them.
I never found myself out of potions (without having too much in my inventory either), or unequipped in weapons/armors (if you're just a little cautious) or without money (without being overly poor at the start and overly rich at the end).
So, we're having something well balanced here (a lot of commercial games can't say the same).

The only thing we are lacking is : saving points.
You'll find you have to play for one hour before reaching the next saving point sometimes.
Be aware of that when you're saving : if you don't have a lot of time ahead of you, just stop, or else you may end up having to replay 30/45 minutes of the game and going through the same cinematics and dialogues all over again (which is a bother).

The characters :
There's no other word : colorful.
Each one of them has his own personnality, and you'll often have to make a choice because they don't agree on the course of action.
Choices, should I precise, who will have a real impact on the story.
by acting like a jerk, I was unable to finish the game.
You don't have to be the perfect knight all the time, but be nice once in a while.Or don't. But then, pack the potions and everything !


Graphics :
Here we can smell the first game.
But (hurray) the author is a quick learner.
If the first cave might make you raise an eyebrow or furrow your brow, you'll quickly forget it.
Once in awhile we'll see something a little...awkward, but hey !!! it's really only details.

Conclusion :
I had fun.
Like, a lot.
I laughed, I jumped (a few jumpscares VERY cleverly placed), I hesitated, I have been fooled (the first puzzle...), I hated some characters, I loved others...
It's not a linear game, and it's entertaining like crazy !

A few bad points, still :
- the saving points too far apart.
- the timing of the dialogues (making the dialogues quite long, and in a game with many dialogues that we'll have to replay if we want to explore all of the choices, it's a downside. A real one)

Give it a try, folks.
But, be aware : this isn't a fairy tale, this is a tale of Yuria.


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Aw! Thanks Tsuba! Really appreciate the review and (holy cow) the rating! :-) So glad you enjoyed the game, and again, thanks for the feedback on the bad points.

And you have no idea how much I like hearing your conclusion. So glad the humor wasn't overly done or just bad. And had no idea I'd get someone with the jump scares LOL

Thanks again!
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