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Fixing up Chapter 1 AGAIN? Quests are important, I guess!

3/14 Update - Yummy pie day!

A slightly pitiful update, but I felt like I needed to! Just a promise that progress is still underway. I got a pretty bad cold the past two weeks and it's taken ages for me to feel better (I'm 7 months pregnant so getting over anything as small as a sniffly nose is taking 10x as long). Each day I made a small amount of progress to Evie.

The biggest change is the addition of small side quests to the game! I know, I know, what's an RPG without side quests? They were honestly on the backburner for a while, and I treated them like stretch goals. Let's finish the story first and then add in all that fun extra stuff. Well, it turns out Side Quests are rather important to the story, so I needed to implement them much sooner than expected!

Complete side quests in order to raise the reputation of the Emporium! Higher reputation means more NPCs coming to shop! It also unlocks certain story elements ;) which is fairly important, I suppose!

So, this means that I'm retroactively adding side quests to Chapter 1 - another good reason I haven't uploaded the entirety for the demo. It's taking a bit of time because 1) I was sick, and 2) I don't want the quests to be rushed and terrible. They are fairly simple, most of them asking you to "Craft me something!", but it still takes some time :)

Hoping to be able to continue Chapter 2 progress after all of this!

Thanks again for your support :D