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STREAMed Hams?...(?) ???

I'm just gonna post what I posted on discord:

...Shit, before I forget, I wanted to thank you again Cash for the shoutout for steamhams last year when you had the creators of One Shot on the show (Episode 8) - today I checked the stats and noticed there was a spike in views. So I was trying to figure out where it came from and according to the stats it came from twitch? Apparently nightmargin did a playthrough, but she couldn't remember where she downloaded it from. Not a whole lot of views, but I really liked how the chat erupted with laughter at the best ending: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/767128136?t=00h19m45s totally worth it, made my year. Thanks again Cash ❤ XD. I'm going to listen to the rest of the episodes I've missed when I have some time.

...For those who don't want to check out Twitch, I originally wanted to show the moment in gif form, but i can't seem to get a hardcopy of the stream - So I decided to capture the chat instead:

Special thanks to Nightmargin (one of the creators of Oneshot) for streaming this. Holy shit dude, what an eye opening experience! Watching this raised my confidence a little. I was actually really worried people wouldn't laugh at all, so this was really cool to see! Also, special thanks to Cash for mentioning the game! I feel, Cash works really hard on Rpgmaker Cola, not only to get people together for each episode, but I actually feel like, this podcast is doing a lot to sort of humanize, a lot of the cool developers within the rpgmaker community, which I feel is kind of important - We may not be many, but there's a story being told here, that I feel might be worth listening to, if you listen for it carefully.

Looking forward to season 2 Cash!!

Rpgmaker Cola:
Spotify: Episodes 1 - 12
iTunes: Episodes 1 - 12
Twitter: on Twitter
RMN: Thread on RMN (leave comments! Dude works hard on these!)

Also, for games, please check out, Kaempfer's Moonsong and 16-bitKing's BeetleNinja,

16-bitKing is a really talented rpgmaker and creator of last year's sorely overlooked, secret-best-game, Where The Moon Goes at Night(2019)
And Kaempfer's been my #1 tester for all my games since I started using rpgmaker. It would be criminal not to mention MoonSong, because MoonSong is actually a pretty great game - I've been saying so on his gamepage!

Two really good games everyone needs to check out this year!


So, You like RpgMaker Games?

(Didn't turn out so good - Would've posted this sooner but life got in the way again.)
Special Thanks to Darken, Macbob and Kaempfer for helping me put this together.

Games to check out for 2019 so far:

Theia: The Crimson Eclipse (Great looking Classic Chrono-ish JRPG with a Custom Battle System, possible GOTY)

Pilgrim's Road by SideWinder (Very cool FallOut-ish RPG, amazing graphics, rocking' soundtrack, made for Abrupt Ending Event on RMN)

Country of Snow (Uses new RM2003 Maniac Patch, very cool battle system, user Interface and environmental story telling here - great stuff!)

Shooty and the Catfish Episode 1 (If you like AdultSwim stuff, like AquaTeenHungryForce or Rick & Morty, checkout this game out!)

Grimm's Hollow by GhostHunter. (Excited to finally see games like this being made in rpgmaker2003 - Very excited for this one!)

...for more games to vote on, check out this thread and Cap_H's playlist.

2019 is turning out to be a really good year for rpgmaker!


(NEW) No Delivery - (a procedurally generated CRPG, pizzeria simulator for RMMV - Check out the really cool VHS tape trailer!)

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