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Important Message from Bryan Cranston.

Feat. "Nerves of Steel" from Beetle Ninja OST by Post Elvis


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I'm writing this down for reference:

I think the reason why this turned out so good is because: it wasn't just feeding words into a vocode and using that for a youtube video. It was tweaking the generator to say words like RpgMaker as "Are Pee Gee Maker" so it'd actually sound like something Bryan Cranston would say, or at least the performance he would give, if he were still on Breaking Bad or Malcom in the Middle.

Years before working with rpgmaker, I did silly newgrounds flash movies with cool speech and microsoft TTS voices, so trying to figure out how to get the best results from something like this these was right up my alley.

But yeah, you can checkout the vocode here.
(As the site says, please use responsibly.)
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Damn, I knew LBR was a celebrity but to think he was able to convince Bryan Cranston to come onboard...

The dude must be treaded lightly from now on (hehe did you get it).

I liked it a lot! :)
I hope it will convince many folks to VOTE FOR THE MISAOS!!!!

Congrats, LBR!
Thanks bb!❤
Yeah this was all very last minute. I put this together in a week,
after playing around with https://vo.codes/ on RM Cola discord.

Kudos to Marrend and TheRpgmakerAddict for rounding up the Misaos this year.
I am very pleased with what they were able to accomplished in the amount of time they had.
It's not an easy job. But what amazes me is how many games we had this year, despite the year we've had.

Oh my GOD I love literally everything about this and 100% agree with you on the part where I'm called a douche lmao

XDD no joke, behind the scenes, I was sweating buckets over this. I'm glad that friendly Misao trash talk is still a thing.
Therapist:Mind Manager and Two Strangers: Got Married on the Beach are both great contenders this year!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Oh my GOD I love literally everything about this and 100% agree with you on the part where I'm called a douche lmao
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Tee heeeeeeeeeeee! (I haven’t played beetle ninja but therapist all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but vote however y’all want just vote tee hee)

Also love the vid LBR <3
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