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"I'm lovin' it" because it's "finger lickin' good".

  • flurry
  • 05/06/2019 07:56 AM
I’m going to keep this review short, because - Steamed Hams, But it’s RPGMaker 2003 – is a really short game.
Only took me 10 minutes to complete.

Honestly speaking, I think the whole game is a big fat joke. But that’s okay, it’s supposed to be. Despite the fact that I never watched the Simpsons, and being unfamiliar with the characters of the show, I completed it on the first go without getting the bad end, and enjoyed the funny scenes. I later went onto Youtube and watched the exact same scenes play out to see if the game was faithful to the source material. I think the developer has done a good job making a funny scene even funnier in the guise of an RPG game.

Was the game supposed to crash when the fire trucks were coming? I thought that part was ingenious and hilarious at the same time.

Graphics-wise, the game could do with better quality videos. But I understand this could bloat the file size to over a gigabyte. Perhaps the game could have a separate release in HD version. Either way, video quality did not diminish my enjoyment since the main selling point of the game is the MEME.

There was just one enemy encounter in the game. The Boss! No small fry to deal with or any obstacles in the way. Just the Superintendant as the boss. And the hero, Skinner, has to defeat him. I thought it was quite clever to name the skill names as dialogue choices during the battles. When you choose the right dialogue, you take a chunk out of the Boss’s HP.

Not sure who to recommend this to, apart from the people who watch this show on a regular basis. Maybe someone suffering from depression, or someone recovering from PTSD. I know a few of my friends at work who are stuck in a dead-end job, could do with a laugh once in their lives. In any case, this game I believe has therapeutic potential for the many unhappy people in the world. For that reason, I’m giving this five stars out of five, and one more thing…

Thanks for the laugh!


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
That conclusion paragraph was 10/10
2009: this game has good battle balance, 5/5
2019: this game cured my depression 5/5
Thanks for the laugh!

Thanks for the review dude!!♥ Yeah man! the "Cannot open vehicle1 file" is part of the joke.
I feel like, any steamed hams game made in rpgmaker, would somehow feel incomplete if this error did not show up. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Funny story about that "vehicle1" error actually - Before I forget, I want to say a very special thank you to Kaempfer for being very thorough and tight-lipped about this stuff during testing - But yeah like, after Kaempfer and I finished testing. The last thing I wanted to do, was upload the youtube video - because I wanted the video and the game to be available at the same time, so if people couldn't get the game to work, they could at least watch the video and vice versa, etc.

So I recorded the video, but for some reason I couldn't get the error window to show up at the end of the recording. So, what I did instead, was, I took a picture of the error window at the end and brought it, and the video recording, into the video editor, but for some reason I still I couldn't get it to work, I couldn't export it. So after steamed hams was finished. I spent like, the next 2 days, trying to figure out how to get the error window to show up at the end of the youtube video - I eventually got it to work, but the file size was like 50gbs, cause of all the video processing etc. But yeah man, hopefully in the future, with more practice, I'll be able to work out the kinks.

Perhaps the game could have a separate release in HD version.
This is something very cool and definitely worth looking into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I'll definitely keep this in mind! Thank you!
But yea man, Thank you again for this review! This reivew means a lot, more than you know.

Thank you my dude!♥
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Absolutely amazing review and I agree with it on all points.
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