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A series of murders have been happening in the countryside of the USA. All of them are connected by the fact that the victims are all woman. The last one was of Sarah Anderson, a young girl resident of DreamVale, a small and pacific town surrounded by forests.

FBI Special Agent Desmond Miles is sent to town, with the purpose of looking for possible clues that would lead to the culprit, and to try and stop any more killing from happening.


+ Custom pixel-art graphics
+ Gimmicky mini-games
+ Day/night cycle, with npc scheduling
+ Action battle/shooting system
+ Side-quests (that are relevant to the main quest)
+ 3 main dungeons, with puzzles and enemies
+ Multiple endings

- This game was inspired by different works of art, having it's mechanics inspired by games like Deadly Premonition and Shenmue, While the story was developed in a way to be like a serialized murder mystery, similar to Twin Peaks.
- The side-quests have the purpose of not only being a way to learn about the personalities of the townsfolk, but also to open up the full story. However, the player can still get to the end of the investigation and find who the killer is, if he decides to not do any side-quest.

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