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A great substitute for the Picross hungry

  • Mewd
  • 06/09/2007 03:11 PM
Although I am not that intimately familiar with this type of puzzle game, Push! feels like a more than adequate Mario Picross clone for those who felt gyped that the title didn't make it over here in the states on Nintendo's Virtual Console.

Graphically the game looks sharp, although I have the impression that most of these graphics were ripped from some place. However, it is done seamlessly enough that I could just as easily accept that they were custom made.

The premise for the game is absolutely ludicrous, and and doesn't even qualify as a valid excuse for the gameplay, but is so non-sequential that I can't help but be amused by it. You ought to see for yourself and be proper bewildered.

Although, I confess, I apparently utterly suck at games of this sort. Picross relies on your sense of mathematical logic and probability to determine where you ought to chisel out spaces on your grid. I'm atrocious at it, but in the hands of the right person this game seems like it'd be a barrel of fun.