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Welcome to the Island of Azulea. It is vacation time, and the students that go to the University in Seaside city are taking a break from the pressures of school. So the best way to enjoy it is to have fun at the beach, right? Usually yes, but not today. For the day of 4 University students and a teacher are going to get quite interesting...

You play as Sabrina, who is the geek who lives on her computer. As you go around the island, you meet and encounter rather strange people in this odd and silly strategy RPG styled game!

NOTE: this game was basically made in 2002-2004 time span (most of that on music, honestly). If you want to critique, uhh... be my guest but this game is old enough to be an teen. This game is probably older than some RMN members. I'm not against critique, but honestly 13 years since I would have probably learned something since then!

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  • 07/05/2007 05:10 PM
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I'll try this out today. I'll be posting a review once I'm done :-)
oh god townshipgames

You know, I never did try this out. I should do that.
So, tried this out... And I think it's better when I spare this from a review. It was pretty okay though. I presume it's one of your earlier projects, Ocean?
Resident foodmonster
Yep it's very old. I started the thing in like 2001. I eventually released it in 2005 (Because I lost a newer version of the project and had to redo it), but yeah it's still very old. I'd still like feedback on it though, however harsh because I am using a similar setting/characters in a newer project so anything that I can get from it would help! The newest part of the game is the soundtrack which was mostly made in 2005, the rest of it is mostly mechanics and code from 2001-2002.

also township gaaames >:<.

I meant to remake this game recently (I had a little progress on that) but I dunno if I should even before or not. I figured no.
Then I'll write a review, but don't expect me to hold back. Also remaking it sounds like a good idea, especially since it shares a world with... well, Azulea! And I've got a question: Did you compose the soundtrack yourself?
Resident foodmonster
I don't expect anyone to hold back in a review! You learn more from a "The balance is bad, I was overlevelled most of the game except the last boss which was a massive jump in difficulty" than you do from a "good game A++".

Yeah I guess I can remake it, was thinking of doing that in RMXP.

And yes, the soundtrack is all me!
Really great, definitely deserves a remake.
Mkay, review submitted, still pending. You just have to remake it :(
Resident foodmonster
Mkay, review submitted, still pending. You just have to remake it :(

Yeah, I'm aware of that. I just wondered if it was worth remaking in the first place. I guess I'll just consider everyones points and see what I need to fix up, change, remove in it after Azulea is done.

Let's see here.

This game opens with one of the most annoying first impressions I've seen in a game, thanks to being introduced to characters that seem straight out of the 1 dimensional cliche ridden anime stereotype handbook. That made me want to quit the game right then and there. I guess that they're supposed to be endearing, but they came off as nothing but annoying

Then the first battle played out, and I experienced something that I never would have thought I'd ever seen in a game like this, ever. What truly stopped me from continuing.

The environments look all crisp and clean and all, which is cool, but the problem is that there's so much on screen, and the enemies are so small that I literally had to focus just to figure out where they were and what the heck they were, and even when I did finally make them out, they move so fst in battle that I lost track of them quickly, and basically relied on fire hitting everything on the screen to take them out.

Look Ocean, from what I understand, you've created some great works here. I hope to get around to playing them sometime. I aslo realize that this is your first project that you've ever completed, and well...it REALLY shows.

I'm really sorry Ocean, but I have to say that this game's first impression really hit a lot of bad buttons with me. There's no way that I could possibly enjoy this game.

That said, you seem like a really nice person who can welcomes criticism, and I gotta respect you for that, which is a big part of why I'm being so honest here, am also using much less harsh words. I wish you well, and I'm looking forward to playing what else you have made in the future.
Resident foodmonster
Its fine, its one of those things you make years ago that you look on now and find embarrassing, but can't bring yourself to toss it out. Seriously I think I started this project 10 years ago!

I can't really say it'll get better as the beginning kind of sets the type of silly tone it'll take. You're not going to find a war against civilizations, complex betrayals or deep characters here later on. I really mostly started the project to do a kind of unlocking areas and choosing where to go next idea.... one which I didn't even take advantage of at all. Maybe I can have this gamepage automatically redirect people to a Legend of Mana CD and tell people to buy that instead, who knows.

Well about the enemies not standing out, this is something that can be easily remedied if I made the graphics myself. Some of the animal graphics were i believe just meant to be random wildlife in games just meant to add to the atmosphere rather than be proper enemy sprites that stand out, so it could be that.

I actually wrote a bunch on what else i'd fix on my own blog but yeah I've examined the game plenty myself. There's only one review on here but I have received some other reviews on different forums too so I have that feedback as well. I'm pretty well aware of what works and what doesn't for this game as it is. I would say you should try something like Chain of Retribution instead as that one (while also being a team project) is much more recent. Though hey I still kept this game up here so I shouldn't be surprised if someone plays it and doesn't like it. Plus this game just by its feel would appeal to a more limited audience. Its probably a bit overly light hearted for a lot of peoples tastes.

Again I can't really bring myself to take it down regardless of how bad it makes me look, because it also feels like it shows the progression of my work and my feeling of wanting to improve each time. Its not like I show every game i ever make, but something about this just feels like I should still keep it up on here. If I ever do remake it (very low on the priority list honestly), then I'll have a lot of info to work on rather than a simple graphical/battle system remake.
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sorry but i really did not enjoy this
1.the font was difficult and even painful to read

2. when i got to battle i honestly could not tell what the enemy was

3.probably because i did not use the tutorial but i had no idea how many people i could use in battle
i tried using 5 but when ever id try to start the battle they ran away but 3 people worked

i only got about 15 minutes in and and terms of actual gameplay (the battle mechanics) it was interesting but with the first 2 issues at least i cant say i can play this
Oh man an older Oshun game... I had to try this out! :D

Well, you certainly knew what you were doing with mapping and visuals even back then! The game is beautiful, and almost has a dreamlike quality that not a lot of RM2k3 games have. The tone was also nice and lighthearted, another departure from the norm. I didn't connect with the characters too much in the time I played, but they were likable enough. Overall the setting is just top notch. I also liked how you set up something serious, only for it to become completely silly. (The big wave...and then what caused it.) XD

The battle system though...haha. I'm impressed by what you accomplished with I assume was just events in 2k3, and the battles were pretty fun the first few times, once I got the hang of them. The random encounters were...rather frequent, though! I got kind of bored of the battles fast. ;w; I really wanted to just explore the game world without any encounters, you know? Still, the battle system itself is mostly okay, if not a bit cryptic. It's pretty much impossible to tell what the enemies do exactly on their turns, since it goes so fast. It would also have been nice to have some kind of reminder for how many tiles each character can move on their turn. And this isn't really the battle system's fault, but early on I kept wasting my attacks by targeting them in the wrong direction. ;w;

This was certainly an ambitious project for your first completed game, and I give you props for that! :D

And wow, game 110 on the site?
Hottest game on Steam! Too hot for Steam!
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