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Demo released!

  • okamen
  • 09/01/2020 08:55 PM
Hey everyone! Okamen here. Been a long time since the last update, but phew it's been a ride. At long last, after all this silence, the demo is done. As time went on, I wanted to either scrap the project as a whole or rework it down until I thought it was perfect. Then 2020 hit, which has been a wave of its own problems. But through all my own personal struggles, and the struggles of making this demo, I can happily say it's ready for you all to try out!

This allows me to give /actual/ updates now as I can finally finish the game, and above all else I'm excited to hear all your comments and criticism. Any bugs or suggestions will all be considered in tweaking not only the demo, but also helping push to the final product.

I will say I absolutely will not give a release date for the final game, knowing my track record, but hopefully as I now give you all more consistent updates it won't be such a mystery (mystery is good though). First step is I want this demo to be enjoying enough to bring you back later.

So, I hope you all have fun! And I hope it's been worth the wait!



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Yey! This is great news! I am going to play the demo asap.
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