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Sacred Reviews: Room Escape


"Room Escape" was developed by Healy under the rules of a very strict challenge. This challenge limited Healy to only one map, 10 events, 10 switches, and 10 variables. These limitations as you can imagine heavily limited the game which is why it clocks in at around five minutes in terms of playtime. And while I've played shorter games on this site. It's always a bit tricky to talk about these kinds of projects at length.

Though I suppose I could've helped myself a little bit by looking at the expanded version of this game before doing this review, but from what Healy wrote about the expansion. It really doesn't add that much to the game beyond an alternate ending that can be reached via answering all of the questions in a quiz correctly. A quiz based on paying attention to some of the smaller details in the game. Details that will most likely center around the various shows you can watch on the TV as well as the little details contained in Helen's dialogue.


What little story we get feels like it was an idea for a story. This is because things aren't as fully fleshed out as I'd like for the story to be satisfactory. Admittedly the main reason this is even an issue in the first place is because of the limitations Healy placed on herself. In fact, I can basically sum up the story with a single compound sentence.

You play as Helen, a woman whose mourning her deceased lover, but needs to escape from her current location because of an alien invasion.


I imagine most people can guess what this game will be like based on the name alone. Your goal is to interact with various objects in search of clues to find the key you'll need to escape from a room. A task that isn't that difficult in this case since the heavy restrictions Healy placed on herself meant she could only create a couple of puzzles to hinder the player's ability to find the key Helen needs to escape. In fact, these heavy restrictions basically ensured the puzzles themselves wouldn't be particularly challenging either.

Graphics and Sound

As far as the graphics and sound goes. There serviceable but not particularly memorable.


The hardest part about figuring out if I should recommend for or against this game is that so much of it's issue boil down to Healy limiting herself way too much. After all, there are other games about escaping from rooms on this site that are better like "Mysterious Room Escape" or "Escape from Classroom" in terms of difficulty or at the very least offer up more puzzles to solve in order to find the key you need to use in order to escape. On the other hand, it really doesn't feel that fair to compare this game to those projects either since those games were developed by people that weren't so heavily restricting themselves. As such, I'm going to pass on making a recommendation about this project and will even skip scoring this game since I don't think I can do so in way that feels fair.