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Attention, I've submitted another game named Sorcelleria in 2014. It isn't the same game at all than this one. The only thing in common are two of the main protagonists and the humor.

Marianne is a teacher who lives alone in her house. One day, a goth guy tries to rob in her house and gets trapped in a closet. She lectures him and threatens to cast a spell on him. The goth's name is Bryan. He found a strange red gem while trapped in the closet and asks Marianne about it.
Another robber enters the house and steals the gem! The witch and the goth have to team up to get the gem back.
Detailed plot
After the introductive events (roughly 1 hour of play), Marianne, Sven and Juliette are kidnapped and Bryan receives a letter. He must go to a desert to free them. The culprit is a girl who Bryan knows very much. That girl, for an unknown reason, claims to belong to the Sorcelleria, a cult whose leader wants to make the sorcerers the future of the humanity. Why are Sorcelleria's members represented with zodiac signs? Who is their leader? The path to the truth will be plenty of hazards.

Very classical. An overworld map sends you where you want to go (similar to Super Mario Bros. 3), provided the path isn't blocked by something.
While exploring, random encounters occur. Monsters you fight have attributes so think about their weaknesses!
E.G: The Steel Golem is a monster with two attributes: Earth and Metal. You should use a Water-attribute attack since both Earth and Metal attributes are weak to Water (Water dissolves the Earth and rusts some Metal). Hitting on a weakness increases damage by 50%. Hitting on a resistance cuts damage by a third.

I've got 2 demos for you: a French one (my native language), and an English one. Both weigh 200 Mb as I've included RTP. It means you can play Sorcelleria without having to download separately the default resources.
The demo ends after the boss battle in a pyramid. It takes roughly 75-90 minutes to get to the end.
A Readme file is included in both demos. You should have a look at it.

  • Enterbrain - Game Engine
  • Fflo - Graphics (characters)
  • Celianna - Graphics (facesets, by using her generator)
  • Chalkdust - Graphismes (spider battler)
  • Schlangan - Graphismes (alternate battler of the man-eating plant)
  • ??? - Sound effects (laughter sounds, can't remember the site where I got them)
  • Yanfly - Scripts
  • Yami - Scripts
  • Moghunter - Scripts
  • Hime - Scripts (map screenshot, used for building battlebacks)
  • Rafael_Sol_Maker - Scripts (Ace Perfect Fog)

Latest Blog

Demo One published!

The Demo One has been published!

Same as Demo Zero, you can download either the English (download button) or the French version (go to the Downloads sub-page).

The game should last a little more than 2 hours. As usual, the Readme file is here to explain the game!
  • Production
  • Fflo
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 03/07/2019 06:24 PM
  • 11/26/2019 06:50 PM
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Short demo. I have a video playthru, but in general this game is written like one of those european sitcoms. I'm not really in the target audience of those, so the comedy here was far off the mark for me. Battles are fairly easy but I died once to each boss because some game mechanics weren't explained to me. Anyway, play this if you like european sitcoms
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