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New title and more precise plot

  • Fflo
  • 10/26/2019 02:13 PM
Hey there!

I wasn't giving a lot of news for Sorcelleria since a while. Honestly, I'm working on The Duelist Master's sequel. But that's not the point.

New title:
The title has been changed a little. The former title was "Sorcelleria - The fate of the Witch". Now, the game's named "Sorcelleria - The cult of the Sorcerer".

New plot:
The demo you can still play doesn't really have a detailed plot. It serves as an introduction.
For a very long time, mankind feared witches and wizards because of their powers. They were condemned to burn on the pyre.
However, in year N-250, a witch named Beatriz Landweil saved a child from drowning in a river. The Humans realized that a witch is not always evil. Humans and Sorcerers have signed the Treaty of Elghir to end their "war".
The chief of the Sorcelleria cult considers the treaty as a huge mistake for the Sorcerers. Sorcerers are now considered equal to the Humans even if they still have their powers. The leader of the cult wants to create his whole army of Sorcerers to bring chaos and despair to the world.