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CSS, You Might Also Like and reviews

I've added a cute cloudy background to the Befuddle Quest gamepages, in keeping with the titlescreen's theme. Are there any other changes we ought to make? I think that the other developers listed for this game have full control of the gamepage and its style so feel free to make it look good/unique. As I am a dev for all 3 I can copy the style across all 3 to keep in consistent.

I would also like to make this game and its sequels a part of the You Might Also Like... gamepage movement. However, I'm at a bit of a loss to what 3~5 games we should link to! For BQ3 it would make sense to link to I Expect You To Die and Tokens & Tigers given that those puzzles are present in BQ3, but for the rest we need suggestions.

Lastly, it would be really cool to get some reviews for the BQ games. Surely someone has an opinion on them!


Best This n' That

I realized that I didn't do my list of "Best this n' that" for BQ1! For shame!

Best Puzzle:
Time Loop by Fractal Advocate: this was a very clever and interesting puzzle! I loved how all the interactions worked out.

Funnest Map:
Time Loop by Fractal Advocate: This map also happens to be very fun.

Overachiever Award:
Ghostship by Blitzen: so many custom charset edits! The concept was great, too, but grew pretty tedious.

Biggest Rip-Off:
Tower Maze by kentona: it's just a maze! How boring!

Shake Fist In Frustration Award:
Map Map Map by GreatRedSpirit: ARGHS! (And you should have played it before GRS fixed it up for playability!) Still, very cool execution.


BQ2: Charmed & Dangerous starts now!

Even though Zack braved the horrors of Baron von Niddly's befuddling tower, he did NOT brave the an even greater horror: his future Mother-in-Law!

Frau von Niddly has whisked away her daughter Broomhilda and locked her up in a secret room in the befuddling tower! Oh no!

Our charming hero now must re-enter the tower and rescue his beloved love all the while puzzling out evil puzzles from that witch of a woman Frau von Niddly. Zack's puzzle solving skills will be put to the test once again!

Sign-up here:

Deadline for submission is May 15th.


Second Befuddle Quest?

Anyone interested in participating in a second Befuddle Quest?

This was a fun community game project wherein people submitted a single map with a puzzle or maze and I linked them all together with a (lame) story. I'm willing to start another one in the future if enough people are interested.
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