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Befuddle Quest is on the following playlists...
Play List User Description
To Play NeverSilent I Should Play These
Play List Azealeamisted Default Playlist
Plan to Play Them HestiaHearth89 games I still plan to play.
Games that I like or have RogerJr Just interesting for me games
Play List WickedRoger Default Playlist
Quest of Befuddlement kentona The Befuddle Quest series
Quirky Creations Liberty Odd games in all shapes and sizes. These are interesting bites of code and eventing, each quirky and interesting in some way. Not your typical RPG fare.
I'ma puzzler nota fighter CashmereCat Games solely focused around puzzles, no combat
To Download TheKingofHorror Stuff I Wanna Play
Adventure and Puzzle ModeGone I should separate these but many Adventure games are puzzle heavy.
Old Favorites ModeGone Games I remember loving in the past. Currently before the year 2017. Some of these are dead, sadly, and some I would love to had placed in this list are no longer available at all.
Cool Community Games iddalai Games made by RPG Maker communities!