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Something to do.

So I decided that as fun as my history class is, it needed something more, So I came to RMN and downloaded Befuddle Quest. In short this game is a fun and short puzzler worth playing if your bored and need something to help pass the time.

For the most part the story does what it needs to do. Zack needs to reach the bottom of the tower to reach his love. Granted I'm not yet finished I'm not sure how things end I don't know to rate this one, but there are two more games so I'm guessing the story isn't over just yet. My rating 3.5/5

I can't really say anything about the graphics for two reasons. The first of which is that the whole game was made with Rm2k3's RTP, which really doesn't mean it good or bad, it just depends on how the RTP was used which leads me to my next point. The game's map were designed by 7 RMN'ers. It wouldn't be fair for me to rate well for the excellent maps and then rate down for the not-so-great ones. My rating 3/5

In my personal oppion I couldn't care less about the sounds in video games. To me I don't see much of a point, I'm more worried about how the game plays then how it sounds, plus I tend to listen to the radio or my own soundtracks while playing games. so I'm not going to rate the sound for this game, I find it irrelevant. My rating Nothing out of Nothing

As I mentioned in the title, this game is more or less something to do. I like it for the most part, its fun and has some real challenges in it. On the downside, if you get stuck, there's not much you can do aside from sending a PM to the creator of the map your on. Other then that I didn't find many flaws in the games game play, it's fun and for the most part kept me entertained. My rating 4/5

Replay value and closing thoughts:
I'd say this game is all-in-all a good game. A challenging little puzzler that show RMN what some of our guys are capable of doing with their game designer skills. For the most part I've enjoyed it and will be leaving it on my computer for future dates of boredom.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

That's a 70%, which means it get a C


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Your mom is a hero
Wow I can't believe I missed seeing this review being submitted! Thanks pantsman.
I guess I brought down that rating a couple of points! Nice to see a review for BQ at last!
Well I tried to be as fair as I could, So don't feel like anyone person dropped the score.

It was a group effort.
I hate you, ZPE. Here you go and trash my game (which rightly sux), and yours gets 3 1/2 stars.
If you can actually read reviews properly then do so instead of looking at scores. I did a honest review, anyone that plays it will find it hard to disagree.
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