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Time Loop


A rather dark adventure-game type puzzle thing with attempts at humor. Sleeping effectively resets pretty much everything that happened yesterday, but oddly this still allows children, corpses, and inanimate objects to stick around - but only the day after they're created.

To finish it, you have to have on one single day:
* Sayd and Minerva talking together.
* Erzwald killed by Zar Tan'eval
* The secret relic obtained.
* Minerva's goggles obtained, so you can see the ghost world.
* These things combined let you tell Vali everyone's okay with moving on, and settles her spirit as well.
* The clock key obtained, so you can open the door and escape.

I'm imagining this is a pretty hard puzzle, but it's hard for me to judge, since I know the solution.


These are the minimum actions needed to get through. Theoretically the player will spend the first part figuring out what they're able to do and what they're supposed to do, and the second figuring out how to make everything fit together time-wise.

1. Walk up the stairs automatically. Everyone introduces themself, more or less.
2. Walk up to Minerva. Suggest she talk to Sayd.
- > This creates the little boy, Laikos the next day.
- > Tristan feeds the monster, which we'll get to later.
3. Talk to Erzald, suggest he talks to Vali.
- > This creates the Book on the table the next day.
4. Go back down to the bottom room and sleep.
5. Walk up to the main room. You'll notice there's a little boy there now, and a book on the table, from yesterday's efforts
6. Talk to Minerva, tell her to talk with Zar Tan'eval. She's a little nervous, because..
- > Zar eats her, creating a corpse the next day.
7. Go into the left room and talk to Vali, give her the book. Suggest she talk to Sayd.
- > The book lets her find the chest, which you'll need tomorrow.
- > Having her talk with Sayd creates the little girl, Tristan. Yeah, Sayd gets around a lot.
8. Sleep.
9. When you come up to the main room, you should see a skeleton on the floor. Don't examine it yet.
10. Walk over to Minerva, suggest she talk to Sayd.
- > This fufills Sayd's unfufilled desire - that Minerva knows how he feels.
11. Walk back into the left room. Open the chest, take the relic.
- > The relic is needed to make Minerva able to rest. It's also theoretically useful later in the game when facing Baron von Niddly - or maybe Minerva just thinks it is.
12. Tristan is now creating a potion. Walk in front of her and take the potion off the ground.
13. Walk back to Zar'Taneval. Give her the potion.
- > This recovers her memory, in theory.
14. Talk to Zar again. This time, suggest she talk to Erzwald.
15. Talk to either one of them to overhear their conversation.
- > Zar Tan'eval remembers what Erzwald did, kills him. Don't talk with her again, or she'll kill *you*, and then you have to do it all over again.
16. Look at the skeleton now. Put on the goggles.
- > Since it's Minerva's skeleton, it has her goggles. You can now see through the illusionary world. Normally, everyone would be transparent monsters who would explain what they want, but since you have solved pretty much everything, they are instead ghostly versions of themselves.
17. Walk over to the left room and talk to the black knight. Answer 'yes' when she asks if her friends are free of the eternal cycle. She transforms back into ghost-Vali.
18. Walk over to the grate, and stick your hand in. You get a key.
- > Usually this would get you killed and make you start over again, but... in this case, Tristan fed the monster yesterday, so it's not hungry yet.
19. Walk over to the clock in the main room, wind it up. The door opens.
- > If you hadn't freed everyone, it would tell you how their souls aren't at rest yet.
20. Walk through the door.


Gargoyle Quiz

First open all the yellow chests. Then answer the three gargoyles.

The three gargoyles answers are:
First - 'Steps from kin to nearest chest' = 93
Second - "All kin, failed, minus one and gold nailed' = 15
Third - Five question Quiz
1: There is only one "Sandstone rock" in the whole map = 1
2: Colour of my kin - what eye colour the other gargoyles have - Crimson = 2
3: Words on the plaque. There are 21 words = 1
4: Gold is - alludes to the saying the other gargoyles say. Stored = 1
5: The name - Your name is Zack = 2

Then open the green chest and talk to the statue to open the exit.