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Greenlands is an open-world, non-linear rpg being prototyped for the Tim Tam Slam Jam Slim Jim.

Take on the mantle of Juneau, a once-faithless young woman who now cannot deny the hand of the Goddess. She has been chosen as the Purifier, the one who will purge the land of monsters before slipping into obscurity.

But Juneau has other ideas. What if we take the fight to the Monster Lords, and Purify the very essence of monsters? Surely, eternal peace will then be brought to humankind...!

  • Four countries to explore, each with Monster Lords to fight and strange characters to meet
  • A story that changes not based on dialogue choices, but your deliberate action or inaction
  • Both story-based and optional characters who make combat lively with battle banter and unique skill acquisition styles
  • A fully customizable dwarf

Craze will be using this spot to talk about characters, coding, etc. to help him piece his way through this project. Much thanks to Versalia, who is providing graphical edits, shrine creation, and additional writing; and Caz, who is providing unique world map icons, Monster Lord sprites, and feedback/encouragement.

Latest Blog

World Info: Religion

Religion and the Goddess
One being, many forms.

On the world of Gaia, there is but one Goddess. Different cultures see her in different forms, however, which informs their religious practices. There are also those, like Juneau, who consider themselves deists -- they believe that the Goddess left this planet long ago and cares not for humans.

It is hard to deny Her existence, what with Juneau gaining her powers of Purification and all, so surely she's around. But in what form, and for what purpose? Here's what the people of Gaia believe.

Musics believe in the Grand Muse Illusandra, whose divine inspirations are commissioned and cataloged by the Holy Conductor. The Holy Conductor is wed to and as powerful as the Empress within the Holy Illusen Empire, where the Music tradition is often found.

Music tradition is that of creation, with stiff punishments for those who would destroy artwork or decry the artistry of another... unless the Grand Choir (those who work under the Conductor) or Holy Guard (knights of the Empire) take offense. Offense would be taken at work that celebrates undeath, promotes civil unrest, or suggests that the entirety of Gaia is not worthy of the Empire's jurisdiction.

Juneau begins her journey in the Musical, the most famous shrine to Illusandra. Tucked away in a mountain valley, pilgrims often made visits before the monsters grew too numerous.

Though the elves are at the forefront of Gaian belief, there are humans that also follow a more natural order. Gaians believe that Mother Gaia is part of all natural things, and seek to focus on only materials that have her imbued within. It is rare to see a Gaian with a sword or a roof made of steel, for example. Many Gaians are also vegetarian, though not all. (Tal'hn is a strict vegetarian, though he will kill beasts that endanger him if he must.)

Gaians also believe that no one person can know all of Mother Gaia, for she shows a difference face to each living being. It is not a personalized religion, however, and there are traditional rituals that take place on certain days of the year to glorify the Mother. While adherence to rules about carcass disposal and proper tree cutting (among other examples) might falter in recent days, the traditions are still there.

Ulians worship Ul'ul in their own way. Ulians tend to live in the Drywild, the curious desert-forest of southern Gaia. There is not much to say about Ul'ul, for while being of one flowing and ethereal form, each follower is asked to participate in their own way. Though there are some commonalities, such as dancing in thunderstorms and the organization of frenetic beast hunts, all Ulians are unique in their practice.

One practice among Ulians that has spread from Drywild tradition (to the point where it's unclear whether it is, in fact, a Drywild or Ulian tradition) is that each person takes their own name when they so choose. A child may toddle as Gransen, but choose the name Justice as a young adult. Nicknames are exceedingly rare, and it is expected that you keep track of each person's current title.

Unlike most of the world, the citizens of the Wyrmtail Archipelago follow no particular religion, making even the Ulians seem tightly organized. Those who have seen the wyrms, however, believe them to be aspects of the Goddess. As such, there is a collective belief -- it is simply not of great importance to everyday life. Some people in port cities advertise divination by wyrmscale, but there is no documented truth to the practice.

*Footnote: Ul'ul is inspired by, but not a direct copy of, a Pathfinder goddess.
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  • 03/10/2019 07:21 PM
  • 03/20/2019 08:05 PM
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You're magical to me.
Yay! :DDDD Subscribed! ^_^
Looking forward to what you guys put out!
purity or absolution
Yay! :DDDD Subscribed! ^_^
Looking forward to what you guys put out!

<3 i am very curious as to how people will react to the contest version... i admit it won't be the complete game as i've envisioned it, but it'll be a strong chunk.

Open world? I'm interested.

i'm approaching the writing for this game from the perspective that it's not about "sidequests yay," but that every event in the world builds up into whatever grand finale the player shapes their playthrough toward. i would not go in expecting, say, a skyrim or far cry amusement park. i don't have the manpower or desire for that. greenlands is open and non-linear in the sense that everything is the main story, even if the event isn't on the critical path.

A fully customizable dwarf
I am intrigued.

Fjorm is an artist who customizes his skills by assembling his beautiful sculpture back home. By finding replacement parts for his precious Galatea, you can diversify Fjorm's abilities.
tell us about the dwarf craze!
Greenland? Juneau? I like the sound of this game already... :P
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