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Upcoming Changes in Complete Demo Greenlands What Version

  • Craze
  • 04/05/2019 05:04 PM
So, I hope to get a public version of Greenlands out in a few weeks. This will be of the TimTams smaller version. I'd like to do the "full" game after at some point, but we'll see. I think it takes more doin' than I thought it would initially (RIP me). At the same time, combining those story elements into the smaller version could still provide some of the punch... so we'll see. The two might get merged.

Things that will definitely be in a proper release (in about a month or two maybe?):
  • Exploration to gain skills. Everybody is actually supposed to have a unique way of gaining skills, which is all planned out, but I didn't have time to implement it except for Kay and Fjorm yet. So, that'll be incorporated. (This also means that the core team won't gain skills from leveling anymore.)
  • Expanded world map. I was gonna cram like 7 bosses into this world map I made for the smaller version, but it still wasn't quite what I wanted. All 12 Monster Lords will be present, and I'm gonna stretch out the game world a bit.
  • Level cap of 20, not 10.Starting cap will be changed to 8. This also means that the game will be completely rebalanced.
  • More characters. Most characters are totally made anyway, although three more need a bit more love and attention. "Liberty" and "Craze" will be their normal "Lucian" and "Perkata," and will be obtainable by doing sidequests like the others. Erina's sister, Gavin the Hero, and a certain snake witch will also be recruitable...
  • Shitloads of banter. You may or may not already be impressed by the amount of battle banter. There will be more.

Things that may or may not survive:
  • Multiple endings. At least, as many. My original idea had at least 9 or so ways the game could end. I think I will pull this off a bit more like Chrono Trigger (the game's inspiration, natch) and have a critical path but then a few ways to break it, instead of multiple critical paths to align yourself on. So much work...
  • A bit more seriousness. Lines like "Fuck characterization, let's go kill things!" will be cut entirely. While all the current sidequests are actually just truncated versions of the ones planned for the original game, they will also likely be smoothed out a little tone-wise. Proper Juneau isn't much of a swearer, for example, and Tal'hn has a bit more respect for her.
  • The "DELETE LEGIONWOOD" ending. That was a joke for Tim-Tams. I might reference it somewhere, but ........ don't get your hopes up lol

okay thanks.

oh yeah, and if anybody is interested in giving iterative versions a go, let me know. the game is still weirdly non-linear and i'm sure there will be ways to break it that i don't anticipate. no pressure, but i might even have a version for you in a few days.... so please look forward to it (tm)


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Looking forward to it!
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